Air conditioning room water shortage humidification air purifier

Air conditioning room water shortage humidification air purifier

The hot weather for several days has caused the air conditioner to start running for a long time. As we all know, air conditioning in the process of refrigeration will be accompanied by dehumidification, air conditioning super-strong dehumidification function, but also hide the crisis of environmental dehydration. In particular, many white-collar workers and families with elderly and children may be able to blow air conditioners all day long, and the lack of drinking water is very likely to cause dehydration. Not only is the skin dry and tight, but it can also cause chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the long run. Therefore, the water supply in the air-conditioned room must not be neglected. How to choose from the complicated humidifier products in the market?
Recently, the China Consumers Association and Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other local consumer associations released 30 humidifier products (including air purification products with humidification function) comparative test results, found three problems: 1. Most samples are not safe The problem, but the signs and descriptions are more problematic. 2. The measured values ​​of the humidification efficiency of the sample vary greatly. 3. The noise of the sample is different.

At the same time of publishing the results, the types of humidification on the market and their advantages and disadvantages were also explained: According to the classification of humidification, the market mainly sells ultrasonic humidifiers, direct evaporative humidifiers and composite humidifiers.

The ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic waves to induce vibration, breaks the water into small droplets, and blows the small droplets into the air through a small fan to increase the humidity of the air. Ultrasonic humidifier has the characteristics of low noise, small volume, low power consumption and relatively low price. However, this humidifier has higher requirements on water quality. If ordinary tap water is used in home, it will produce the so-called white powder phenomenon. The second is that the rust of the transducer will affect the working efficiency, and the third is that the impurities in the water will form condensation nuclei, turn the water mist into water droplets, form a water mist around the humidifier, and the fine impurities and ions in the water will follow the water mist. Floating in the air may affect indoor air quality.

When using, it is recommended that you use pure water as much as possible and replace the water in the tank in time, and do not add other substances to the tank. A direct evaporative humidifier is an appliance that passes air through a humidified evaporating core to achieve air humidification. There are generally obvious air duct designs, with air inlets and outlets, and the evaporation core can be directly observed by simple disassembly. The requirements of the direct evaporative humidifier are not as high as that of the ultrasonic humidifier. Even if the tap water is used, there will be no white powder. Although the evaporating core may have scale, it will not be affected by the timely cleaning. Great impact.

The hybrid humidifier is an appliance that simultaneously uses the above two or more humidification methods to achieve the humidification function.
Compared with the ultrasonic humidifier, the advantage of using a direct evaporating humidifier is obvious. Taking the future celebrities of LG humidifying air purifiers as an example, it releases pure water molecules closer to nature, does not produce water mist, humidifies more evenly, is more conducive to human health, and has no secondary pollution. When the humidifying function is running, the humidifying filter meshes slowly, the water is evenly distributed on the filter net, and the scale is not easy to adhere. In addition, the humidifying air purifier is also equipped with a water level protection function, and when the humidifying function is stopped, the filtering is performed. The net is transferred to a place where it can not be immersed in water, and it can be kept dry, clean and more convenient for consumers.

In addition, the consumption tips of China Consumers Association indicate that according to China’s indoor air related standards, the air humidity that the human body feels comfortable should be kept at 40%~60% in summer, and the air humidity is too high or too low. . The future celebrity of LG humidifying air purifier is equipped with a humidity sensor. When the humidity sensor has measured that the humidity has reached 60%, it will automatically stop humidification, and there will be no problem of excessive humidification.
In the future, as consumers’ demands on the living environment of the living room increase, the simple humidifier will be replaced by an air purifier product integrating air purification and humidification. The choice of healthy humidification methods will also be increasingly valued by consumers.