Tips that can be used as a humidifying air purifier

When consumers purchase a humidifying air purifier, they often think that the larger the amount of spray, the better the humidifying effect. In fact, some humidified air purifiers have large atomized particles but poor diffusion effect. Although some people seem to have a small amount of spray, they are better because of the fine moisturizing effect. Consumers often overlook the use of humidifying air purifiers: different types of humidifying air purifiers have different requirements for water quality. For pure humidifying air purifiers, pure water is used. Ultrasonic humidifying air purifiers are preferably purified water or distilled water.
LG’s future celebrity air purifier, high-efficiency filtration, intelligent detection, health care, triple intelligent purification can also automatically humidify. It is reported that the product’s dual filter can clean a large amount of dust, hair, pet hair in the air, coupled with HEPA efficient filtration. Secondly, the high-efficiency air filter designed for smog can effectively eliminate fine particles and the like through 3M technology, and the plasma generated by the plasma ionizer can purify the air and automatically humidify. However, be aware that no matter which kind of humidifying air purifier, the water temperature should be below 40 degrees, and it is best not to use tap water or fragrance. Impurities such as minerals in tap water can damage the evaporator and reduce the service life of the humidifying air purifier; the volatile components of the fragrance can easily cause respiratory diseases. When using the humidifying air purifier, do not touch the water surface with your hands or use it in an empty box, otherwise dry burning will damage the machine.

In addition, it is best to keep the humidifying air purifier clean once a week. Gently brush with a soft brush while cleaning. Wipe the sink and sensor with a soft cloth. After the water tank is filled with water, shake it several times and pour it off. The ultrasonic humidifying air purifier is preferably cleaned with a special cleaning agent or white vinegar. The electric humidifying air purifier should regularly remove the dirt in the water tank. The pure humidifying air purifier should replace the evaporator and the filter net on time. After not long time, the water in the water tank should be drained, and the parts of the humidifying air purifier should be cleaned and dried. In particular, the humidifying air purifier should not be used in the case of freezing ice. If it encounters a fault, it should be stopped immediately; do not put the machine into the water for cleaning; do not scrape the scale with a hard object.
Finally, I will teach you a little trick: when there is no humidifying air purifier on a business trip, you can hang a wet towel in the room or spray water in the corner, which can also increase the humidity of the room.