What is hydrogen-rich water?

What is hydrogen-rich water?

How to generate hydrogen?

Hydrogen and oxygen are produced by the electrolysis of water (H2O), and their volume ratio is about 2:1.

This is an experiment that shows what happens to the electrolysis of water. (See photo on the right)

1. When electricity passes through water, there is a decomposition reaction, leading to hydrogen and oxygen: 2H20 = 2H2 + 02 (through DC power supply conditions).

2. Water consists of hydrogen and Oxygen.

The two elements did not change before or after the reaction.

In chemical reactions, molecules are separable and atoms are inseparable.

5. The water (H2O) molecule consists of the hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom.


The influence of hydrogen-rich water

Hydrogen water is also called ordinary water in Japan. It tastes very neutral, similar to pure water – colorless, tasteless and oilless.

Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural antioxidants, so hydrogen-containing water has a powerful recovery function, which can neutralize reactive oxygen species (free radicals) in human blood and cells.

Hydrogen water contains more antioxidants than vitamins A, C, E or green tea. It has a negative potential of – 300 MV, which is amazing. Therefore, it can completely remove the malignant reactive oxygen species in vivo. Malignant reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the source of millions of diseases, such as cancer and common diseases.


Product Advantage

Hydrogen water is the best antioxidant. It has a high hydrogen capacity and negative potential. It can balance the body’s acidity and alkalinity, and effectively prevent various diseases. Hydrogen and water can easily enter cell channels and participate in metabolism, thus promoting cell detoxification, increasing cell hydration and enhancing human immunity.

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