hydrogen water ionizer,Hydrogen Water,Hydrogen Water sprayer

Immersion hydrogen-rich scrubber

Immersion hydrogen-rich scrubber

hydrogen water ionizer,Hydrogen Water,Hydrogen Water sprayer

Hydrogen molecule health beauty function:

1, hydrogen helps to relieve fatigue after exercise

2, hydrogen can promote the uptake of glucose by muscle cells

3, containing hydrogen water bath can fight UV

4, protective effect of hydrogen physiological saline on ultraviolet B skin damage

5, anti-wrinkle beauty effect of hydrogen

6, hydrogen can prevent aging

7, hydrogen inhibits the uptake of fatty acids and fat by hepatocytes

8, hydrogen water protects male fertility

9, hydrogen has a weight loss effect

Rich hydrogen bath · wash out beautiful skin

High concentration hydrogen production

  • Hydrogen production: Start hydrogen production by water, automatically shut down after 15 minutes of electrolysis, or stop producing hydrogen by effluent.
  • Hydrogen-rich concentration up to 1500PPb (self-test laboratory data report)

Hydrogen-rich water beauty

  • Facial spa, full body bath, full depth of care with high concentration of hydrogen water
  • Quickly penetrate skin cells to achieve anti-oxidation, wrinkle-removing, skin elasticity and skin smoothness
  • Hydrogen quickly penetrates the surface layer of human skin and penetrates into all parts of the body, effectively improving fatigue and staying away from sub-health
  • Hydrogen-rich water beauty, no added, green health and environmental protection, no side effects


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