How to choose an air purifier?

How to choose an air purifier?

How to choose the right air purifier?

The first step is to clarify the large classification of net products.

the first sort
HEPA filter type
HEPA – Abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, which means a high-efficiency air filter. When filtered with HEPA, the air can pass completely, but fine particles in the air are quickly intercepted.

Achieving HEPA standards means that this filter is effective at intercepting 0.3-micron particles at least 99.99%. By using HEPA combined with activated carbon to make a composite filter, it is possible to simultaneously adsorb particulate matter and formaldehyde gas.

H14 HEPA filter used by Miwei

Of course, some manufacturers will add sterilizing cloth, primary filter, negative ion, cold catalyst, ultraviolet lamp, etc. to assist in purification in order to increase product function. However, all purification is mainly based on HEPA filters and activated carbon. Therefore, 90% of manufacturers have chosen this purification method.

in conclusion
Advantages: mature technology, high purification efficiency, high CADR value of formaldehyde and particulate matter.
Disadvantages: The filter needs to be replaced regularly, and the wind resistance will generate noise.

The second type of electrostatic dust collection
The high-pressure discharge allows the particles to be charged, and the built-in dust box releases the opposite-charge to absorb the particles. For the principle, please read the third-grade physics textbook. Purification of formaldehyde is also the oxidative decomposition of formaldehyde molecules by ion discharge

in conclusion
Advantages: no need to replace consumables, but regular high-frequency cleaning.
Disadvantages: It can remove the dust, can not remove the poisonous gas, the efficiency is lower than the mechanical type, slow, easy to produce ozone, and is rated as the worst purifier by the US market.

Understand the most important indicators of buying empty net products
The current empty net market can basically be divided into four major factions: Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China, and the new generation. A total of 306 brands, large and small, have been gathered, including many domestic and foreign traditional home appliance giants such as Sharp, Panasonic, Haier, and Midea.

How to choose so many brands? Of course, you must first understand the most powerful reference data. The new national standard “GB/T18801-2015” for air purifiers re-regulates the four parameters of the air net industry.

Understand those key core “buy” points
Core buy point:

Purification effect
The main pollutants that need to be purified this year are smog PM2.5, pollen, haze, soot and so on. The purification effect mainly depends on the CADR value of the machine’s particulate matter, which is currently concentrated in the market at 200-500m3/h. The time required for the purification of various particulate matter CADR values ​​is completely different for different areas. (Test room height is set to 2.5m)

It can be seen that if the 20m2 bedroom needs to be cleaned, an air purifier with a CADR value of 300-400m3/h can be fully satisfied. If the 50-flat living room wants to be quickly cleaned, it may be necessary to choose a CADR value of 500 or more.

Miwei’s CADR value of 728 is much higher than the purifiers of various brands on the market.

In addition, if you mainly want to purify formaldehyde, you must check the formaldehyde CADR value of the purifier. At present, the common CAD value of formaldehyde is 100-300 m3/h. Since the amount of formaldehyde released in each space is different, the best way to quickly remove aldehydes for new homes is to open windows for long periods of time.

l core buy point:
The CCM, which has been standardized by the new national standard, also intuitively reflects the endurance of an empty net product. According to the requirements of GB/T18801-2015, the empty net is placed in a 20m2 room. Under the moderate pollution condition with a pollutant concentration of 150μg/m3, the daily processing capacity is 25mg. Different levels of CCM can How many days are you using?

That is to say, in the case of ensuring the CADR value, the life of a filter is of course as long as possible.

Miwei’s CCM value is greater than 12,400, which is equivalent to 10 times P4, which is far more than other brands on the market.

Value-added buy points:
Dehumidification function
In short, the function of adding a humidifier to the air purifier is to use ultrasonic waves to turn the tap water in the water tank into water vapor. This feature is very practical in the winter in the north, but there are more security risks.

Value-added buy points:
Negative ion
Unlike the electrostatic air purifier, the negative ion function is only used as an added value function. Scientific research has shown that negative ions do have a positive effect on health. But no one can accurately say exactly how much it works.

l Value-added buy points:
APP function
In the era of Internet promotion of big data, more and more brands are willing to develop an APP to make tough products more intelligent and more practical. For example, as long as the mobile phone can remotely control the home’s empty-net products, it can achieve a series of functions such as early purification. At the same time, this app can also reflect the outdoor air quality in real-time, and even record the daily purification.

Value-added buy points:
Numerical display
This function depends on whether the purifier is an infrared sensor or a laser sensor. The cost and effectiveness of the two are very different.

in conclusion:

Value-added buying points will not affect the purification ability of the air purifier. However, in the actual use process, there is a machine that can be visually displayed, which is still very powerful. And the most easily overlooked but extremely important point, the cost of consumables in the later period – the unit price of the filter and the frequency of replacement.

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The indoor air is too dirty. Do you think it’s because the air purifier is useless?

The indoor air is too dirty. Do you think it’s because the air purifier is useless?

In recent years, the hottest word is haze PM2.5. From the perspective of “under the dome” firewood wells, haze and PM2.5 have attracted more and more attention, and the sources of haze and hazards are increasingly known.

Outdoors people have developed a mask to protect themselves from the haze, but most people do not realize that there is actually indoor PM2.5, there are many other more terrible pollutants than the haze of air pollution!

In fact, besides measles and other bacteria and viruses, there are many indoor air pollutants. Health authorities in Europe and the United States point out that the severity of indoor air pollution is two to five times that of outdoor air pollution (even 100 times the severity of outdoor air pollution).

More than 100 million people die from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease every year due to indoor air pollution.

Decoration pollution in China is a unique category and a particularly serious type of pollution. The main pollutant is called volatile organic compounds (TVOC). People are more familiar with harmful gases caused by indoor air pollution, such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene, xylene, TVOC and so on.

Indoor TVOC is mainly produced by building materials, interior decoration materials, living and office products. Plywood, foam insulation materials, plastic boards, and other building materials; interior decoration materials paint, adhesive, wallpaper, carpet.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council (NAS/NRC) and other institutions have always emphasized that TVOC is an important air pollutant.

Because the indoor environment is relatively sealed, a large number of air conditioning, indoor chemical pollution, and other reasons are easy to cause a variety of bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms.

In order to make the indoor air cleaner and healthier and safer, buy an air purifier as soon as possible.

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