negative ion air purifier,discover air purifier,low power consumption auto air purifier

Do you understand the misuse of the air purifier?

Do you understand the misuse of the air purifier?

negative ion air purifier,discover air purifier,low power consumption auto air purifier

Air purifiers have been widely used in recent years and become popular home appliances. Many families are willing to use air purifiers to avoid the health hazards that air pollution poses to themselves and their families. The air purifier is still in the development stage. There are many sayings about the use of air purifiers in the market. There are some misunderstandings. If consumers can’t distinguish between true and false, they can’t play the maximum purification effect even when using air purifiers. It is counterproductive. So do you know about the misuse of the air purifier?

Misuse of the air purifier:

First, the air purifier should be placed against the wall.

The air purifier should be placed in the middle of the room or at least 1.5~2 meters away from the wall. It should not be placed against the wall or near the furniture, because if there is an object next to the air purifier, it will affect its airflow. Inhalation, resulting in a smaller purification range, poor performance, can not achieve the desired purification effect.

Second, the distance between the air purifier and the person is close.

The air purifier should be placed far away from people. Because the air purifier is working, there are more harmful gases around it. If it is too close to people, it may introduce these harmful gases and affect human health.

Third, the air purifier does not need to change the filter.

The air purifier filter usually needs to be replaced once every six months. The filter screen is the core part of the air purifier. It is mainly used to adsorb harmful substances and gases such as dust, particulate matter, bacteria, formaldehyde, etc. in the filtered air, and the filter is adsorbed with time. After saturation, if it is not replaced in time, it will release harmful substances and cause secondary pollution.

Fourth, the air purifier consumes a lot of electricity, and it can be used for one or two hours a day.

The power consumption of most air purifiers is generally not high. For example, the Eurondez air purifier is energy-saving and energy-saving. The purification efficiency can be selected according to the indoor pollution situation, and the automatic sleep mode is delayed by 3 seconds after the light is turned off. Green energy-saving, 24 hours to open will not consume too much electricity, to maintain high quality indoor air throughout the day.

Fifth, the air purifier is only turned on in the smog weather.

Many people think that it is necessary to turn on the air purifier in the smog weather. It is not necessary to turn on the air purifier when the weather is fine. Indoor air purifier pollution is not only caused by smog, such as kitchen fumes, garbage breeding bacteria, new house decoration, etc., which will generate some harmful gases, and the role of air purifiers is to remove these harmful pollutants, so whether it is It is not foggy weather, the air purifier is still better to open.

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