air purifier with oxygen generator,magnetic air purifier,stage air purifier

Air purifier

Air purifier

air purifier with oxygen generator,magnetic air purifier,stage air purifier

Air pollution, decoration pollution, home odor, air non-circulation, second-hand smoke, etc. are inseparable from air home improvement, the company operates air purifiers, the following product introduction

Deadly air

‘You can live for 5 weeks without eating, and you can live for 5 days without drinking water, but if you don’t have air, you can’t live for 5 minutes.’

According to a survey by the China National Standards Institute, 68% of diseases are caused by indoor pollution! American experts have found that there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds in indoor air, including more than 20 kinds of carcinogens and more than 200 kinds of pathogenic viruses. The main hazards are: bismuth, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and esters. Trichloroethylene, etc. Indoor air pollution is 2 to 5 times more severe than outdoor, and sometimes 100 times. Developed countries such as the United States have classified indoor air pollution into five major environmental factors that threaten human health.

Olansi air purifier features and features

Control operation: touch panel + remote control + APP (optional)

Function: natural humidification + open cover power off + anti-down power + child lock protection

Intelligent sensing: particle sensing + photosensitive sensing + PM2.5 digital display + filter replacement reminder

Filtration and purification: primary filter / cold catalyst + honeycomb activated carbon / antibacterial cotton + HEPA / UV sterilization / negative ions

Do you still want to wait? Can you find an air purifier that can purify and improve health? Is it a versatile air purifier? If you have doubts about it, then please experience the magical effects and charm of it yourself!

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