Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

Defend against COVID-19:Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

In this special period, it has become a consensus among the people to go out and wear masks. Masks block the virus, but you ca n’t wear them at home, how can you ensure healthy breathing indoors? Some families have bought air purifiers, but most can only filter dust, not sterilize. After a period of time, the filter element is filled with dust, and if it is not replaced in time, bacteria will breed, and the purifier has become a major source of pollution. So is there a filter that is both sterilized and resistant to viruses?
This is a silver ion composite filter containing anti-bacterial and anti-virus!

Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

1. Silver ion can cleave new coronavirus

Silver is a natural inorganic antibacterial disinfectant, and the silver ions it releases play a role in sterilization and disinfection. In view of the fact that the new coronavirus is currently not treated with special drugs, silver ion can be used as another way to prevent the new coronavirus.

The anti-viral ability of silver antibacterial materials In the article “Efficient and rapid cracking of SARS coronavirus and other microorganisms by metal catalysts”, the research team compressed silver / alumina into discs and dropped Vero cells that support SARS coronavirus proliferation On the disc, the virus toxicity on the plate was compared after 5 min and 20 min, respectively.
The results showed that the toxicity of SARS coronavirus in Vero cells decreased to a very low level at 5 minutes of exposure. At 20 minutes, the virus was not found to have toxicological effects on cells. However, in the corresponding control group, the virus showed a typical cytotoxic effect, which shows that silver / alumina has a strong antiviral ability.

The paper “Discussion on the Inactivation Effect of Nanosilver on Influenza Virus H3N2” also concluded through experiments: Nanosilver has a direct inactivation effect on influenza virus H3N2. The oxidizability of active silver ions> nano silver, that is to say, the active silver ions have a better direct inactivation effect on influenza virus H3N2.
Silver ion was recommended as a disinfectant during the SARS period: Silver ion was listed as one of the disinfectants by the No.302 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army of the Ministry of Health, General Logistics Department.

Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

2. Aussie antibacterial and virus removal composite filter

The antibacterial and antiviral filter newly developed by Oransi has newly added copper and silver ion antiviral materials to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and mold adhering to the surface of the filter and provide clean and fresh air indoors.
The first layer: copper and silver ion anti-virus PET skeleton

Newly developed Cu2Ag + antibacterial and antiviral technology, using PET skeleton as a carrier, carrying copper and silver ions, and then synergizing with medical H13 grade HEPA filter to play the role of bacteria isolation, sterilization and antivirus. SARS (atypical pneumonia), H7N9 (avian influenza, coronavirus), H1N1 (respiratory influenza virus) and other viruses have obvious removal effects.
The second layer: H13 medical grade HEPA

The H13 medical grade HEPA filtration accuracy is less than 0.3 microns, which can capture and reduce 99.97% of fine particulate matter in the air, such as pollen, pollutants, and allergens, and reduce the carrier of bacteria and viruses in the air.

The third layer: modified activated carbon

Modified activated carbon can filter out formaldehyde / VOCS and other gaseous pollutants to keep the air fresh.

Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

3. The principle of silver ion sterilization and virus removal

The first step: effect on enzymes and amino acids in microorganisms
Silver ions are first adsorbed on the surface of the bacterial cell wall, destroying some of its physiological functions. When the silver ions are aggregated and reach a certain limit, they penetrate the cell wall and enter the interior, staying on the cytoplasmic membrane, inhibiting the activity of enzymes in the cytoplasmic membrane Cause the death of microorganisms such as bacteria.
The second step: destroy the barrier structure of microorganisms
The silver electrolyte can destroy the cell membrane, loosen the cell membrane, rupture the cell membrane, and leak the cytoplasm. The bacteria are then destroyed. Silver ions can penetrate into cells and interact with protoplasts, so that the protoplasts contract and condense and come out.
The third step: destroy the DNA molecules of microorganisms
Silver and other metal ions can also act on specific sites on bacterial DNA molecules, destroying the DNA molecular structure. The research by Thuman and Gerba pointed out that silver ions can coagulate nucleic acids, causing cross-linking of DNA molecules, or catalyzing the formation of free radicals, which leads to the breaking of chemical bonds on DNA molecules.

Olansi antibacterial antivirus filter

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