plasma pen freckle,plasma lighter,plasma sterilizer

Starting from the cell membrane – Plabeau plasma beauty instrument

Starting from the cell membrane – Plabeau plasma beauty instrument

plasma pen freckle,plasma lighter,plasma sterilizer

Non-invasive and painless non-invasive technology – Plasma

One of the things that has been tangled in the world of medical beauty is the balance between safety and effectiveness. Regardless of laser, RF or current technology, it is difficult to get rid of the mutual constraints of comfort + safety + effectiveness.

Choose pain or choose ugly? This is a problem!

In recent years, scientific research, plasma rejuvenation technology has been more and more confirmed and used in medical treatment. Plasma is the fourth state of matter other than solids, liquids, and gases. It consists of a collection of ions, electrons, and non-ionized neutral particles, and the whole is in a neutral state.

Compared with other technologies, it is necessary to select a higher energy value to achieve skin depth to complete the treatment. Plasma technology uses the energy transfer of the low temperature plasma itself, and the magnetic field controls the movement, causing a controllable and uniform thermal effect in the skin surface to the dermis layer. A process of rejuvenating the skin without any skin burns and wounds.

High energy permeability

Compared with other medical and aesthetic technologies, plasma technology can instantly activate the epidermal cells of the skin, increase the hydrophilicity of the skin, and help other molecules to bind, so as to help the active ingredients of the essence to be completely absorbed and make the skin more lustrous.

High energy anti-aging

In the circle of friends, I have always said that it is necessary to pay attention to the skin repair. It is never necessary to repair the skin. The cell membrane of the human body has a membrane potential, the inner membrane is negatively charged, and the outer membrane is positively charged. As the skin ages and the outside invades, the charge distribution is not uniform, thereby changing the voltage of the cell membrane. The uneven voltage of the membrane in a single region will gradually cause a chain reaction, leading to the aging trend of the entire skin. Especially for babies with acne-sensitive muscles, this trend is even faster than the normal skin.

Plasma technology balances ion position, balances potential, inhibits skin aging, and radically delays skin aging.

At the same time, the volume of active nitrogen ions and oxygen ions is finer than that of pores, which can enter the deeper layers of the skin, catalyze the regeneration of fibroblasts, promote collagen proliferation, increase skin elasticity, effectively wrinkle, improve roughness, increase skin density, and increase brightness and improve. Pigmentation.

High energy sterilization

The energy generated by the active oxygen atoms, oxygen molecules, and plasma contained in the plasma can destroy the cell membrane, DNA, and protein of the bacteria, thereby exerting a bactericidal effect. Especially for allergic dermatitis and the pathogens of eczema – Staphylococcus aureus, fungi and bacteria that cause odor, have very good results.

10 minutes a day, you can easily anti-aging, mask is too lazy to apply? It’s too much trouble to wash and mess around with this? There is no more important first-class requirement than insisting on using it, and there is an instrument that saves effort and is effective, and you will fall in love with it.

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