Blessed are the “difficulties of choice” for home improvement water purifiers.

Blessed are the “difficulties of choice” for home improvement water purifiers.

Most of the water used is related to drinking water, such as daily cleaning of fruits and vegetables, soup, cooking and so on.

This has led many people to change the water quality of their drinking water by installing water purification equipment in the kitchen. As a result, the water purifier has become a good helper to promote the health of daily drinking water and has also been favored by many families. And this time we came to experience a reverse osmosis water purifier from the Olansi brand.

Advantages of reverse osmosis water purification

Most people have water dispensers at home, and they still rely on bottled water for daily tea and water. But in the kitchen, we need drinking water for daily cooking, or tap water, especially for families with soup habits. It is also unrealistic to rely on bottled water for all drinking water.

Thus, the emergence of reverse osmosis water purifiers changed this situation. The high-precision filtration of tap water through the reverse osmosis water purifier allows you to use pure drinking water directly in the kitchen, which is convenient for life. The reverse osmosis water purifier can filter out clean pure water because it has a built-in RO reverse osmosis filter and a filter element with front and rear. This is also a distinct advantage of the reverse osmosis water purifier. Especially in the case of poor water quality in the home, the choice of installing reverse osmosis water in the kitchen has a very significant improvement in water quality.


This time I will experience the Olansi water purifier. As for why it has a title of “big eyes”, then you will know.

Open the box, take out all the installation accessories, you can see that the accessories are very complete, the materials and workmanship of the accessories also give a fairly solid feeling.

The reverse osmosis water purifier needs to be connected to the power supply. The power supply of this machine has a fixed bayonet on the upper and lower sides, which can be stuck according to the actual installation.

The filter element is the top priority of the water purifier, and the Olansi water purifier uses a multi-stage composite filter design. The three filter elements are respectively marked with a digital serial number and a disposable filter design, which is convenient for the user to replace the corresponding filter element.

The No. 1 filter element is a pre-composite filter element. The main component of the filter element is polypropylene PP cotton + activated carbon rod. The function is to pre-treat the water, filter the impurities of large particles such as rust and sediment, and also carry out the free residual chlorine in the water. Adsorption

No. 2 filter is a large-flow reverse osmosis filter. It is filled with a 400G high-flow imported RO membrane. The total hardness, total solids, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals, fluoride, nitrate, and other substances will be the RO membrane. Intercepting filtration, it can be said that this filter is the core of the entire reverse osmosis water purifier;

The No. 3 filter element is a rear activated carbon filter element. This filter element can remove two organic substances such as chloroform and nitrogen tetrachloride. The post-activated activated carbon filter can also adjust the taste of the water so that the filtered pure water has more Good taste.

It is worth mentioning that this Olansi water purifier adopts double outlet water design, and the faucet equipped with double taps can choose to output clean water or pure water, which undoubtedly greatly improves the practicality. In addition to pure water that needs to be consumed, clean water, dishwashing, dishwashing, etc. can be used with clean water. The double switch design also makes it very convenient to use.

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