Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

With the deep understanding of air purifiers, many people began to pay attention to the purification principle of purifiers, product classification, filter maintenance, and other topics. Today, we will take an in-depth analysis of the purification and principle of hot sale air purifiers, so that everyone can buy products. It’s more convenient.

Two different purification principles for indoor air purifiers:

Active: Active purification means that the air purifier actively initiates an impact on the pollutants in the air through special devices and technologies, and purifies and purifies the pollutants in the air. At present, the technologies involved in active purification mainly include particle groups, electrostatic dust collection, and the like. The advantage is that there is no need to replace the filter screen, the product use cost is low, the disadvantage is that the product technology is not mature enough, it will produce secondary pollution, and the filtering range is small, and can only be purified for a small area indoor environment.

Passive: Passive purification means that the product draws air with harmful substances in the air into the product body, filters and decomposes the filter through a professional device, and then releases the filtered air into the air to gradually complete the cycle purification. The main device for passive purification is the filter screen. The better the filter effect, the stronger the purification strength. The advantage of this product is that the purification speed is fast, the product effect is better, the shortage is higher in the after-sales cost, and the filter screen needs to be replaced regularly.

In the industry, companies are now using a professional compound purification mode. This purification mode is based on passive purification. A professional ion generator is added to the product to enhance the purification effect of the product. The filter + particle group reaches The ideal aldehyde removal effect.

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