Why does air purifier need negative anion ?

                                                                     Why does air purifier need negative anion ?

Why most air purifier on market have negative anion? do you know what is negative anion? now pls let me introduce negative anion function for you, The generation principle of negative ions is mainly as follows:

1. The atmosphere is ionized by ultraviolet rays, cosmic rays, radioactive materials, thunderstorms, storms, soil and air radiation and other factors. The electrons released after being absorbed by the earth are quickly combined with neutral molecules in the air and become negative ions, or anions. Natural anions (that is, anions that play a good role in the body and reduce) have a great antioxidant effect and reducing power.

2. Water flows at high speed under the action of gravity in natural processes, such as the impact of waterfalls, the roll of waves and the loss of rainstorms. Water molecules break up and produce negative ions. Molecular morphological transformation of substances.

3. The photoelectric effects of forest trees, shoot tip discharge and Photosynthesis of green plants cause negative ions produced by air ionization.

4. Some crustal rocks can release some negative ions.

.5. Anion generation technology is used to generate small-sized air anions of ecological scale, which simulates the production of negative electrons in natural lightning high-voltage ionized air. Oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air are used as carriers for transmission.


For each positive and negative ion, its lifetime is short, usually only exists for tens of minutes. The amount of negative ions in the air varies with geographical conditions. Parks, suburban fields, seashores, lakes, near waterfalls and forests are abundant. Therefore, when people enter the above venues, their minds are fresh, their breathing is comfortable and refreshing. Entering noisy and crowded people, or entering air-conditioning rooms, makes people feel stuffy and breathless. Generally speaking, people need about 13 billion negative ions every day, while our living, office, entertainment and other environments can only provide about 12 billion. This huge contrast between supply and demand often leads to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and tracheitis. Negative ions are often removed from central heating and air conditioning systems. Synthetic fibers and carpets are easy to absorb negative ions with positive charges. Steel bars and fiberboard absorb negative ions.

Air anion can reduce the reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) produced by air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and so on, reduce the harm of excessive reactive oxygen species to human body, neutralize positive air dust without charge and then settle, so that the air can be purified.


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