2019 Global Air Condition Report

2019 Global Air Condition Report

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Surveys from around the world have proven that air pollution can affect human health, such as asthma or other respiratory diseases, affecting timely medical treatment, early death from heart and lung disease. The “2019 Global Air Condition” provides an update on global air pollution and analyzes the broader impact that air pollution can have on human health.

Like last year, the report provides an update on global outdoor air pollution. The latest GBD (Global Burden of Disease) analysis continues to identify air pollution as one of the most important risk factors for death and disability. Environmental particulate matter (PM2.5) is an integral part of air pollution and is listed as the sixth largest risk factor for premature death. Global exposure to PM2.5 resulted in 4.1 million deaths from heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease and respiratory infections in 2016. Compared with other better known risks, PM2.5 causes more deaths than known risk factors such as alcohol, inactivity or high sodium intake. Ozone is another important component of outdoor air pollution, and its level is on the rise around the world, killing 234,000 people from chronic lung disease.

The GBD records household air pollution caused by millions of people around the world cooking and heating using solid fuels such as coal, wood and manure. Data from 2016 show that exposure to “home air pollution” can also have a major impact on health, ranking 8th among risk factors for premature death and 2.6 million deaths in 2016. In 2016, 245 million people worldwide were exposed to domestic air pollution, equivalent to one-third of the world’s population.

Environmental and domestic air pollution poses a heavy burden on public health, both individually and collectively.

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