5 minutes a day, ‘charge the electricity’ for the skin

5 minutes a day, ‘charge the electricity’ for the skin

Desalination,facial cleansing brush,face cleansing brush

Your skin is very tired and hurt every day.

Computer, mobile phone radiation

Cleansing makeup is not thorough

Air dust pollution

Working overtime and staying up late

The traditional way of washing your face, are you sure you are cleaning?

Hands: hard but can’t help, can’t deal with the face of the little devil

Sponge: Solve the problem, it is easy to absorb bacteria

Cleansing brush: traditional rotating brush head, can not deep clean pores

If the cleaning is not in place, it will cause skin sensitivity: the pores are not cleaned in the depth of the garbage, which may cause dirt to accumulate in the pores and deep skin. In the long-term, it is easy to cause skin inflammation and various skin problems.

‘charge the electricity’ for the skin

Delicate bristles, velvety soft

Food-grade skin-friendly silicone bristles, delicate touch, 25 degrees softness, soft and no odor, no bacteria, no deformation, brush head close to the skin, help to remove more impurities, even for sensitive muscles and acne muscles

3rd strength, cleansing

Suitable for all kinds of people, press and hold for 3 seconds, press the Level button to choose the appropriate strength.

  • Soft cleansing for sensitive skin
  • Light cleansing for normal skin
  • Strong shock cleansing for normal skin

Round temperature sensor, intimate care, 360° fit on the face, nose nose corner introduction essence no burden

1, SUS316L sensor head gently fits sensitive skin

2, convex round shape, in line with facial design

3, large-area introduction, eye care details are properly taken care of

IPX7 waterproof, washable body

The whole machine is waterproof and easy to clean. The body can withstand water flow and rinse, and the bathing hot spring can also be used.

Note: The charging base and the disinfection cover are not waterproof. After the cleansing instrument is used, it can be covered and charged after drying.

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