With regard to the expertise of RO water purifiers, you need to know

With regard to the expertise of RO water purifiers, you need to know

RO water purifier

Do you know the role and importance of the water purifier?
Do you know how the water purifier works?
Do you know what is a RO water purifier?
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Let’s popularize the expertise of RO water purifiers today.

What is a RO water purifier

RO water purification principle is also called RO reverse osmosis principle. RO reverse osmosis is a method of reverse osmosis, which is currently popular in the world. After filtering the raw water (physical method), it can be directly consumed by humans without adding any compound. Pure water machine (also known as terminal water purification equipment.

The principle of RO water purifier

The municipal water is used as the raw water according to the water quality in accordance with the “Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water Quality” (2001) of the Ministry of Health of China. The raw water is pre-treated by two activated carbon filter elements (one granular activated carbon and one sintered activated carbon) and one PPF solvent-soluble filter. Filtration, and then apply pressure to the pre-filtered water to pass through a RO (reverse osmosis, English Reverse Osmosis) membrane with a pore size of one ten thousandth of a micron, and finally pass the silver-loaded activated carbon (also known as the shell) Small T33) regulates the pH of the water (making the pure water tastes sweet and mellow) and producing pure water.

RO water purifier features

1. Using advanced foreign reverse osmosis technology (RO membrane) to separate fine impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, mineral pollution, chemical pollution, bacteria and other harmful substances in tap water, and then decompose nutrients in pure water through small T33 filter. To improve the taste and health of the water. The water is clean and safe, suitable for all people to drink.
2, the internal configuration of the filter is affordable, easy to replace, low water production costs, five levels of filtered water purification.
3. The RO water purifier has a long service life, and the machine operates with low noise, small vibration and safe use. Drink directly by turning on the tap directly with water.
4, the water purification process is fully automatic implementation, easy to use, lack of or machine failure will automatically stop, automatically open after pressure recovery, automatic flushing RO membrane, to achieve intelligent use.

The role of RO water purifier filter

The first-stage PP cotton filter is mainly used for primary filtration of raw water, which can remove sediment, rust and solid pollutants of more than 1 micron in water.
The second-stage activated carbon filter can absorb the color, odor, chlorine and other harmful substances in the water.
The third stage is a fine PP filter element, which deeply purifies impurities such as bacteria, chemical pollution and heavy metals in water above 0.1 micron.
The fourth stage is the RO membrane. After the first three stages of filter treatment, some of the larger impurities in the water have been eliminated. The pore size of the RO membrane is 0.001 micrometer, which mainly removes other small pollutants other than pure water in the water, such as bacteria. , viruses, residual chlorine, etc.
The fifth-stage filter element is a small T33 (exquisite activated carbon), which is mainly used to continue to adsorb residual odor and color in water, and at the same time decompose nutrient minerals in pure water.

The pure water from the reverse osmosis water purification mechanism is fresher, healthier and safer than the bottled water. It is widely used: it can be drunk or boiled. The most prominent feature in this respect is the kettle or The electric heating bottle will no longer be scaled; pure water is used for cooking, which is more sanitary and more delicious; bathing with pure water can remove impurities on the skin, moisturize the skin and provide natural beauty effect; it can be supplied to the humidifier, The water needed for small appliances such as steam irons and beauty instruments will never cause annoying scales.

The W4 large-flow water purifier uses advanced RO membrane reverse osmosis technology and high-precision filtration to ensure that everyone can drink healthy water.

The good RO reverse osmosis pure water machine can effectively filter out harmful substances such as chlorine, viruses, heavy metals, compounds, odors and other harmful substances in the water, and retain the beneficial minerals in the water to add a guarantee for your health.

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