Acne misunderstanding

Acne misunderstanding

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Acne is a multifactorial disease with an incidence of 70% to 87%. But probably because it is too common, many people have certain misunderstandings about acne.
1. Acne is not a disease, it is a normal phenomenon, you can rely on skin care products to solve
2. Simply think that acne is caused by too much oil on the skin, so I use desperately cleansing milk and oil absorption.Paper, scrub, etc. However, excessive oil removal leads to the destruction of the sebum membrane, the skin barrier broken, acne is more serious
3. Excessive acid brushing. Uncontrolled use of acids such as salicylic acid to treat acne leads to impaired skin barrier
4. Acne can be squeezed and repeatedly squeezed acne, resulting in bacterial infection and inflammation

OLANSI Plasma Beauty Instrument
• Fundamentally solve the problem of sebaceous gland inflammation, accurate treatment of acne, significant effect
• Features
• Eliminate bacteria: active oxygen atom sterilization, oxygen molecule sterilization, plasma sterilization
• Repair the skin: enhance skin’s ability to moisturize and avoid dry skin itching
• High energy permeability: activates the epidermal cells of the skin, increases the hydrophilicity of the skin, helps the essence absorption of Chinese liquid
• Improves wrinkles: Balances skin ionicity, tights the skin’s dermis, reduces wrinkles,suppresses skin aging
• Brighten skin tone: promotes adequate cells, promotes collagen synthesis, and helps skin regenerate.decompose melanin to enhance skin tone
• Other functions: stop bleeding, purify the air, remove odor

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