Air Chain: Globalized intelligent air purifier, dedicated to improving the human life

Air Chain: Globalized intelligent air purifier, dedicated to improving the human life

Since the industrial revolution, air pollution has been plaguing human life and health. With the development of science and technology and people’s health awareness, people are paying more and more attention to air pollution problems. The demand for healthy breathing is also growing stronger. This has led to a boom in the consumer market for smart air purifiers in recent years, and the sales of air purifiers have also increased year by year. However, there are also many chaos in the air purifier consumer market. For example, the quality of products is mixed, and the price setting standards are different. There are differences in the level of intelligence of different manufacturers under the application of Internet of Things. This has also plagued consumers’ shopping choices and experiences.


In recent years, with the popularity of Bit-coin in the world, its underlying technology block-chain technology has gradually entered the public’s field of vision and has been widely introduced into various industries. In order to solve many problems in the air purifier consumer market, Olansi and a number of air purifier companies form an air purification alliance, using blockchain technology to record air purification big data, scientific custom home air purification plan, using the smart computing power of the mobile side to achieve Data sharing and gains from it. The Olansi air chain has completely changed the actual needs of the cooperation system in the business before and after the purchase of intelligent air purifiers, thus solving the trust and safety, use and application problems in the transaction, and becoming the future development trend of the intelligent air purifier industry.


At present, the investment institutions in the blockchain industry have almost reached a consensus, and the team background of the project is their primary consideration in deciding whether to invest. Because a team member determines the quality of the project to a certain extent, the background of the core team members is also an important factor in judging the value of a project.


The Olansi chain is a coin based on the Ether chain, which will be based on its own established transfer in its own cloud researcher.


In the electric industry chain, the intelligent air purifier is used to identify and purchase smart air purifiers. It has the characteristics of security, speed, anonymity, etc., and conducts transactions in a peer-to-peer manner. It is safe and fast, and cannot be tampered with. The risk of being stolen. The authentication mechanism of the self-contained system is simple. Highly transparent information transparency makes the user experience more secure.


The background of the core team members of the Olansi Air Chain is also excellent. Count Keith Shillitoe as Olansi ,The President of the Foundation is a senior philanthropist who has focused on global philanthropy for many years. OMERYUZUAK, He is the President of the Olansi Foundation and has extensive sales and market development experience in small and medium-sized enterprises and consumer products. He is also an expert, investor, speaker and writer in the blockchain industry with extensive business experience. .


The Olansi air chain also has a strong technical team. Van de grac and Jack Zheng are core technical researchers in the team and have years of experience in technology development. Van de grac is proficient in GPGPU computing, networking, machine learning and blockchain applications. He is responsible for the design and development of Olansi Olansihain software and is committed to driving the rapid development of the Olansi air chain. Jack Zheng from Malaysia is a well-known Internet expert. He has served as CTO of the well-known Internet company and chief technical consultant of Capital Online 263. He and William Wang are jointly responsible for the architecture and development of the Olansi air chain.


It is reported that the air chain has recently reached a strategic cooperation with Zhongjing Cloud to complete the $12 million Series A financing. It is expected that the trading platform will be launched in August this year. In the future, Olansi Air Chain will innovate the intelligent air purifier business model and realize intelligent air purifier data sharing to detect air quality, making the use of intelligent air purifier more convenient and intelligent. Have creative ideas. With the efforts of a strong international technology and operation team, I believe that the Olansi air chain will develop rapidly in the future and become a star in the blockchain project.

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