Air pollution in the office, an air purifier is easy to get

Air pollution in the office, an air purifier is easy to get

For office workers, the most commonplace to stay in a day is not the home but the office. Working overtime or even overnight in the office has become one of the norms of modern people.
In fact, there are many indoor pollutants that we don’t know in the seemingly clean and tidy office. Indoor pollution has become a “health killer” in the invisible. For the office we are looking forward to, maintaining the indoor air quality is the most important. Where do these pollutants come from?
Indoor dust
Indoor dust is also one of the pollutants in the office. In addition to the dust that does not clean up the accumulated dust during the regular period, there are air conditioners and photocopiers that cause indoor dust. People generally do not want to clean electronic equipment in the office.
When copiers, air conditioners, etc. are working, they emit a kind of dust that people can’t see with the naked eye. This dust contains a lot of toner and iron powder. Once people inhale for a long time, they will cause lung damage. It causes respiratory diseases and various inflammations and so on.

Interior decoration pollution
The sources of indoor air pollution in China mainly come from three aspects: the pollution caused by the building itself. For example, some building materials have radioactive contaminants due to the high radioactive background of raw materials; the pollution caused by interior decoration materials and processes, such as plates Chemical fiber carpets, wallpapers, etc., especially low-grade materials, pollution is more serious; pollution caused by furniture and home appliances, such as the release of formaldehyde from panel furniture, fabric sofa spray tape to benzene pollution.
In the initial stage of decoration, choose various decorative materials, plates, furniture, soft decorations, as much as possible to buy large brands of environmentally-friendly products, to control decoration pollution from the source, to minimize indoor formaldehyde pollution sources. Avoid pollution of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. in the decoration materials. But the office is not home, it is difficult to ensure that environmentally friendly materials are used everywhere.

Perfume or other odor
We all know that perfume is also a chemical reagent. Although perfume does not release some toxic gases, perfumes are also “poisonous” for people who are allergic to perfumes. Especially in a closed environment such as an office, a little bit of air pollution can cause a drop in indoor air quality.
In addition to the perfume, the smell may also be mixed with other odors, such as the smell of take-away, coffee, tea and other odors, a variety of odors are easily mixed together, resulting in indoor air pollution.

At this time, people often want to put an indoor best air purifier in the office to purify the indoor air.
So, what kind of air purifier is suitable for use in a small space like an office?

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