Air Purifier Creates Healthy Living Environment

Air Purifier Creates Healthy Living Environment

The Beijing Association for Disease Management has published a seven-year study on the indoor environment, including chemical substances, physical substances, biological substances, and radioactive substances. Indoor pollution includes more than 50 kinds of four categories. Formaldehyde, benzene, and volatile organic substances are reported to cause acute air pollution in the world every year according to the statistics of compounds. Four million people.

According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the level of indoor air pollution are 2 to 5 times that of outdoor air pollution and 100 times that of indoor air pollution in special cases. The annual death toll from air pollution worldwide is about 24 million. In China, the number of direct deaths caused by air pollution exceeds 150,000 annually, which directly causes more than 500 health problems caused by air pollution treatment. There is an urgent need to solve air pollution problems in the public space. Among them, millions of dollars of acceptable economic losses are as high as $10.7 billion.

At present, the global solutions to indoor air problems are mainly indoor air purifiers and other electrified products with air purification functions: air conditioning and ventilation systems, fresh air ventilation systems, engine covers, etc. In air quality products, people clean the air and protect the first choice of health.

According to the shape, the air purifier on the market is the vertical and desktop of the main products. It is widely used to purify the air in offices, factories, subway, schools, laboratories, computer laboratories, and other places. It can be divided into molds and hanging molds.

Although the research of air purifier has a history of nearly 200 years, the application field began to research and develop air purifiers in 1930, such as air purifiers popular from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. I have to wait until, however, although the air purifier started late, the development speed is very fast. According to market data, the popularity of domestic air purifiers in Europe and the United States is generally more than 30%. In some countries, even in Korea and Germany, the popularity of air purifiers is more than 60% of Japan’s highest greening rate, household air. The penetration rate of domestic air purifiers is more than 20%. Of course, the rapid development stage of China’s air purifier market entered in 2008. At present, the penetration rate of domestic air purifiers is less than 2%, but by 2030, the penetration rate may exceed 50%.

Because of the development of China’s air purifier market, the degree of market development is still relatively small, and the brand is still formally formed, there are many difficulties in the early development, but environmental protection and energy conservation do not stop here without sustainable use. In the aspect of network broadcasting of environmental protection energy, rational use of energy makes corresponding contributions to believe in the future. OLANS Air Clean Chemicals bring fresh and healthy air for every family.

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