air purifier? Don’t buy it anymore!

air purifier? Don’t buy it anymore!

A lot of things can be judged by logic, including buying an air purifier and hearing the details. (But I can’t talk about logic in anything. I have been telling the logic to be killed by my wife several times because of all the troubles.)

My first best home air purifier for the smoke was bought in 2004. Of course, it must be a Panasonic. What do I mean by that? ——Air purifier is not a smog derivative, not a PM2.5 filter. In 2004, the Chinese did not know what PM2.5 was;
Air purifiers, as the name implies, are machines that purify indoor air, and indoor air pollution sources are far more than PM2.5.
Japan’s PM2.5 has an average annual value of 10, but we are familiar with Panasonic, Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi to produce air purifiers. One of the standards in Japanese hotels is the best home air purifier for cigarette smoke.
So, first of all, we should have a correct understanding of the air purifier.

However, after all, it is China, and China is a smashing China. The harm of PM2.5 does exist in the field. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the purchase of air purifiers. Focus on PM2.5 only, because even in Beijing, the annual average PM2.5 concentration is around 80, and the air quality is up to 190 days. We can also play the role of air purifier in the absence of smog. The value of this money is spent!

So, how can we buy a cost-effective air purifier?

1, in the choice of brand, try to choose those familiar brands.
There is nothing special about the basic functions of air purifiers, so don’t trust the so-called “professional” brands that don’t know which country to pop up. What is a professional? At best, it’s a special one. It was Matsushita. Matsushita began producing air purifiers in 1962; at that time, the CEO doors of these “professional” brands were not yet born!
They are professionally bragging skills, such as the so-called big-name Blueair, you see how people blow the cows to the sky, I will give you a small example.

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