Air purifier maintenance method

Air purifier maintenance method

Like the water purifier, the air purifier/ air cleaner needs to be cleaned regularly, and some need to be replaced with a filter to maintain its purification effect. The maintenance and maintenance of the air purifier depends on different brands and different types of air purifiers.

1. The front filter (usually the rear cover of the chassis) will take a long time to collect some dust, which will affect the air intake and affect the air purification effect. Therefore, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust away, or clean it with a rag or even wash it.

2. Filter net, part of the filter net needs to be taken to the sun at the end of the sun, and the purification efficiency can be better maintained, such as activated carbon filter.

3. Deodorizing filter, some filters need to be replaced within six months to one year.

4. Ionizers are generally built-in and do not require cleaning. Better ionizers work more efficiently.

The dust filter or dust collecting plate in the air purifier should be cleaned frequently. It is usually cleaned once a week. The foam or plate is washed with soap and dried before use to keep the airflow smooth and hygienic. When there is a lot of dust on the fan and the electrode, it must be removed, and it is usually maintained once every six months. The long hair brush can be used to remove dust from each electrode and wind blade. When the air purifier is not in use, it should be cleaned and put into the box and stored in a ventilated and dry place. Attention should be paid to moisture protection to avoid the use efficiency or damage due to moisture.

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