Air purifier PK fresh air system, test results you never expected…….

Air purifier PK fresh air system, test results you never expected…….

People are paying more and more attention to smog, and there are more and more anti-fog products on the market. In addition to portable air purifier for cigarette smoke, there has been a product called “Fresh Air System” in the past two years, but the price of fresh air systems on the market is much more expensive than air purifiers. In the face of the threat of smog, should consumers choose the best portable air purifier for smoke, or should they choose a fresh air system? What is the price/performance ratio of the two? What are their respective advantages and characteristics?

Fresh air system

The sales staff of the fresh air system told us that the fresh air system is used to clean the outdoor fresh air through the new air blower unit, pipes, and tuyères, and then send the indoor dirty air out of the room. This will ensure that the room has fresh air while filtering the smog.

This kind of fresh air system that can purify the air and bring fresh air to the room at the same time, its price is not cheap, the reporter only saw this product in the mall, the price is as high as 7,000 yuan.

In Jingdong, Tmall and other shopping sites, the reporter saw more fresh air system products, the ordinary price is more than 10,000 yuan, the cheapest is also about seven or eight thousand.

On the same website, you can buy a good air purifier for two or three thousand yuan. In comparison, the fresh air system is indeed expensive.

So what about the price/performance ratio of the fresh air system? The reporter decided to visit some consumer families who installed the fresh air system to understand their consumption experience on the spot.

Ceiling fresh air system

Ms. Liu lives in Gaoxin District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. Her family’s housing area is 150 square meters. She told reporters that recently, at home, considering the air quality and other factors, she purchased a ceiling-type fresh air system under the recommendation of friends.

This fresh air system is installed at the top of the room, and the air purification and circulation of each room in the home is realized through the pipes on the roof. However, after she finished the installation, she always had doubts. I don’t know what the actual purification effect of this fresh air system is. How much improvement is the air quality at home?

The reporter invited Ma Yuan, a professional engineer in the field of fresh air systems, and hoped that he would test it on the spot with professional instruments to solve the confusion of Ms. Liu. In the home of Ms. Liu, Ma Yuan engineer conducted a careful test.

Fresh air system research and development engineer Ma Yuan: I just tested the living room of your master bedroom, the degree of pollution, from the total particulate matter (view), the main bedroom is 52.5 (μg / m3) living room is 53 (μg / m3), Today, the outdoor is 227 (μg / m3). From this test data, indoor tests (results) are not ideal.

Ma Yuan said that the air quality is below 35μg/m3, which is excellent, and between 35 and 75μg/m3 is good. Now the outdoor air quality of Ms. Liu is 225μg/m3, which is moderate pollution.

Under this circumstance, Ms. Liu has a fresh air system in her home for a long time, and the air quality after purification should reach excellent standards. However, the actual measurement is now only good. Then, why is the purification effect of Ms. Liu’s home fresh air system not ideal?

After careful inspection, Ma Yuan discovered the problem. It turned out that Ms. Liu’s home fresh air system had a loophole during installation.

When the fresh air system was installed, Ms. Liu was looking for a person who was decorating herself. The air outlets at the home bedroom were too close to the air inlets, causing the fresh air outside to be sucked out if they did not reach the room.

Ma Yuan engineer told Ms. Liu that if she wants to solve the problem completely, she can only remove it and reinstall it.

Ma Yuan explained that, like this ceiling-type fresh air system, the machine is three-pointed and seven points are installed. Even if the machine is normal, if the installation is not good, it still does not have a good purification effect.

So, what is the air purification capability of a well-installed fresh air system? Compared with air purifiers, how much advantage will there be?

Fresh air system VS air purifier competition

The reporter came to the experience store of a fresh air system. In this room of about 60 square meters, the manufacturer installed a fresh air system according to strict standards. The reporter will compare the air purifier with the fresh air system. In order to be able to understand the views of more consumers, we have recruited 8 experiencers this time and participated in the experiment.

First, we measured the air quality at this time. The instrument showed that the current outdoor PM2.5 concentration was 101 μg/m3. We tested the indoor PM2.5 at a concentration of 72 μg/m3.

Let’s test the concentration of carbon dioxide in the current room. Because there are more people in this 60 square meter room, including 8 experiencers, 2 reporters, and 1 engineer, there are 11 people in total. It is 2000ppm. According to national standards, this value is already high and in a state of pollution.

If the carbon dioxide concentration continues to rise, from 3000 to 4000 ppm, symptoms such as chest tightness and headache may occur.

We turned on the air purifier, the test time was 1 hour, and it was recorded every 15 minutes to observe the changes in PM2.5 and carbon dioxide concentration in the room.

An hour later, we turned off the air purifier and ended the first round of testing. Open the door, let the indoor air return to the initial state, and then turn on the fresh air system for the second round of testing.

Now we have the data:

Through data comparison, we found that after 1 hour of operation, the air purifier can reduce the indoor PM2.5 concentration from 72μg/m3 to 14μg/m3, the air quality is excellent, and the purification effect is very obvious.

After the fresh air system was turned on for 1 hour, the PM2.5 concentration in the house dropped from 72μg/m3 to 41μg/m3, and the air quality was only good. This shows that the fresh air system’s air purification capacity per unit time is far behind the air purifier.

Similarly, we found that after the fresh air system was turned on for one hour, the oxygen content of the indoor air was basically the same as that of the small air when the air purifier was turned on.

However, tests have shown that the fresh air system has the advantages that air purifiers do not have in terms of ventilation. In the indicator of carbon dioxide concentration, we found that after the air purifier was turned on for one hour because 11 people in the room were active, the indoor carbon dioxide concentration actually increased from 2000ppm to 2900ppm, an increase of 900ppm.

After the opening of the fresh air system for 1 hour, 11 people in the room were also active, and the carbon dioxide concentration decreased slightly from 2000ppm to 1900ppm. Although there were many people in the room, the carbon dioxide concentration did not increase significantly.

Why is the fresh air system weaker than the air purifier in terms of purification capacity and speed? Ma Yuan told us that the fresh air system is different from the purification principle of the air purifier.

The air purifier is purified by means of internal circulation adsorption filtration, which can directly contact the indoor air and filter the particulate matter like a sieve to generate clean air quickly and efficiently.

The fresh air system uses the external circulation to achieve purification, just like human breathing, sucking in clean air and then discharging the dirty air inside. Therefore, if the indoor air is completely cleaned, it needs to be completely ventilated once, and the purification speed must be slower.

However, because the fresh air system has a ventilation function and continuously transports air from an outdoor source, it will suppress the rise of carbon dioxide, and even if the person expects to be in a relatively closed environment, it will not feel depressed.

However, because the ceiling-type fresh air system is very particular about the installation process, Ma Yuan reminds consumers that it is best to consult a professional before installing a fresh air system. First, choose the air volume according to the actual situation of the home.

Ma Yuan: Because the fresh air system chooses a large amount of air, which leads to an increase in customer cost. If the air volume is chosen to be small, the indoor purification effect will not be met.

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