Air Purifier Selection Guide that Everyone Should Know

Air Purifier Selection Guide that Everyone Should Know

A hotel is a place with a large flow of people, and the air environment of the hotel rooms is complicated. With the improvement of the hotel accommodation environment, whether the hotel room air environment is fresh and healthy has become an important factor affecting the hotel guest experience.
More and more hotels are beginning to deploy air purifiers in their rooms, but the quality and purification effects of air purifiers on the market are mixed. Conventional home air purifiers often cannot meet the complex air purification requirements of hotel rooms.
So, how do you choose an air purifier that can be highly purified? Before buying a suitable air purifier, first, understand what is the knowledge of the air purifier?
The working principle of most air purifiers is to use the fan to extract air, obtain a certain wind pressure through the fan, and then pass through the heavy filter to remove the particulate matter, harmful gases and bacteria in the air, and finally get clean air;
The air purifier can be selected to select the most suitable air purifier with the CADR and CMM values ​​of the air purifier as a reference. The CADR value, the Chinese name is the clean air output ratio, and the national standard unit is m3/h. From a literal point of view, the higher the CADR value, the better the purification effect. The approximate applicable area of ​​the purifier can be measured by the CADR value.
The CADR value of the inspection by the authority is more valuable.
The air purifier market has been very confusing for a long time because there is no clear standard. The new national standard clearly stipulates the key parameters of the air purifier (the most important one is CADR). After the official implementation, most manufacturers will issue test reports according to the new national standard, but they are not enforced, and there is no designated detection mechanism for the purifier. Therefore, a more authoritative third-party testing agency is required to give a credible test report.
The CADR was developed by AHAM (American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers), so the value of the AHAM-certified CADR value is the most reliable. However, domestic air purifiers are too troublesome to detect in the United States, so the current domestic industry is more authoritative testing institutions such as China Household Appliances Testing Institute, Shanghai Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, and Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Center.

The higher the CADR value is, the better the performance is.
The CADR value is affected by two factors, one is the primary purification rate and the other is the air volume.

The former represents how clean the air can be filtered inside the purifier, while the latter means that a fixed volume of air can be filtered several times in a certain period of time.
The ideal state is to filter the air almost every time and then filter it many times in a short period of time. But this is actually a contradiction: the higher the purification rate, the higher the filter grade of the purifier, the denser the filter is placed, and the thicker the filter, which makes the resistance of the air through the filter much larger. , resulting in a significant drop in air volume.
Therefore, the middle and low-end purifiers generally “quantify”, that is, use high air volume and more cycles to compensate for the lack of single purification efficiency. The side effect is that the filter life is very low, usually 3-6 months. replace.
The high-end purifier is “stable”, with a focus on the pursuit of ultra-high purification rate and longer filter life.

The CADR values ​​of PM2.5 and formaldehyde are separate
The CADR value is how many cubic meters of clean air can be output per hour. It should be noted that the clean air here refers to the air that does not contain certain harmful substances. For example, clean air without formaldehyde can be expressed by [CADR formaldehyde]. As for PM2.5, it does not matter. Similarly, clean air without particles is represented by [CADR particles], as for whether there is formaldehyde in it. It doesn’t matter. Therefore, there are two types of CADR specified in the new national standard for air purifiers: CADR (PM2.5, dust, etc.) and formaldehyde CADR. The two parameters represent two aspects, which are also presented separately in the test report.

What are the standards for an excellent air purifier?
For the air purifier, although the CADR value can directly reflect the purifying effect of the purifier, which machine filter can be used for a longer time, the working noise is loud, and what kind of working principle is used is also a good purifier. It should be noted at the time.

1 long-term effective
CCM (cumulative purification, in mg) is another important parameter in the new national standard for air purifiers, which specifies the amount of particulate matter or formaldehyde that can be eliminated before the filter is “discarded”. Like CADR values, CCM is also divided into particulate CCM and formaldehyde CCM, and each CCM is divided into 4 grades. The larger the CCM value, the better, indicating the longer the filter life.

2 have a clear authority inspection report

This is the strongest evidence to prove that a purifier is excellent. The published report must show the CADR and CCM test data for particulate matter and formaldehyde, respectively. The key information that should be included in the report meeting the new national standard is particulate CADR value, formaldehyde CADR value, and particulate matter CCM grade.

(Wulian commercial grade hotel dedicated air purifier – V5s, V3 model parameters)

3 running noise is small
A good purifier with a minimum working noise of 25-35db (and the higher the CADR of the minimum file is better), the maximum working noise cannot exceed 70db. High CADR values ​​are inseparable from high air volumes, but the greater the air volume, the greater the noise. A good purifier can reduce noise by using a better fan and a more reasonable internal air duct, which makes us more comfortable.
The minimum gear of the purifier is usually used when we are resting. At this time, the purifier needs to be quiet. 25-35db is the equivalent of the sound we hear when we are quiet at night, and it hardly affects our rest. The highest 70db is the national new national standard. Any qualified household air purifier, no matter how high the CADR value, should not exceed it.

4PM2.5 numerical real-time display
Many air purifiers cannot display specific values, only roughly use different colors or use “excellent, good, medium, and poor” to display, and look ambiguous. An excellent purifier can display the value of PM2.5 in the air in real-time so that we can see the changes in indoor air quality very intuitively.

(Walian commercial grade hotel dedicated air purifier – function display panel)5 remote control
The purifier with remote control allows us to master the room air quality in real-time. When the air quality is not good, it can be driven to the maximum position before returning to the room. When you return to the room, the air quality has become better, you can adjust to the gear with less air volume, and the working noise is smaller.

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