As long as the salt + water, can sterilize, disinfect, and remove odor?

As long as the salt + water, can sterilize, disinfect, and remove the odor?

At home, in the office, in the corner of the car, you will be exposed to various bacterial viruses in your life, which can easily affect your health.
We often use 84 disinfectant or dry hand sanitizer. The effect is good or bad, and it is very irritating to the skin. Especially when there are children in the family, we must be especially careful. If it is used improperly, it is easy to produce chemical pollution……
There is a hypochlorite disinfectant, the sterilization effect is 70 to 80 times higher than that of the 84 disinfectant; but it is more environmentally friendly, it is reduced to water after use, no pollution; it is also very safe, and it is the global authority of the US FDA, EPA certification, A disinfectant solution that is accessible to the human body.
In developed countries such as the United States and Japan, it has already entered the medical field and is widely used in various applications such as disinfection, food safety and environmental sanitation in medical institutions.
In China, hypochlorous acid has not been widely used because of its high cost and instability.
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