Can the air purifier and humidifier be used at the same time?

Can the air purifier and humidifier be used at the same time?

The average family is using the wrong one.

Now the autumn is coming, the dry air and the temperature difference between morning and evening, so many families have started to use the humidifier; the turbid air brought by the autumn dryness, let everyone use the  humidifier &air purifier , an air purifier How to use it, what time period does it make? Still using it at the same time? Or buy a humidifier with purification directly, do it at once, is this OK? In fact, these methods of use are all wrong.

First, you need to understand the temperature and humidity of the seasons so that you can use the humidifier and air purifier purposefully. In the fall, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, as well as the morning and evening wet dew, so the use of humidification and air purifiers should be staggered.
1, autumn and evening should not open humidifier

In the autumn and evening, under the action of dew, the particles in the air will fuse with the water, and the moisture will increase. Therefore, it is not necessary to open the humidifier separately, and the air purifier can be opened properly. Especially at night, the dust of the particles in the dry air during the day enters the room and needs to be turned on to clean the air purifier.
2. The air purifier should be turned on when the temperature rises at noon.

At noon in autumn, as the temperature rises, as the morning dew evaporates, the particulate matter in the air will increase. At this time, the air purifier should be turned on indoors, especially some windows. The location should be extra attention and reduced open. If there is dust accumulation in the indoor furniture, it should be cleaned up in time.
In addition to the above-mentioned staggered use of humidifiers and air purifiers, there is another important issue. If the air purifier is used with the humidifier, the two should be kept away.

The reason is that the core raw material used in most air purifiers is activated carbon, and the activated carbon is highly susceptible to moisture. Therefore, in the place where the humidifier is used, try not to use an air purifier to reduce the loss of the activated carbon of the air purifier.
There are still many owners who think that for such a troublesome problem if you buy an air purifier with a humidifying function directly, can you solve the problem completely?
Although this is a simple and practical method, after careful study, an air purifier with a humidifying function cannot purify the air. The principle is that an air purifier with a humidifying function uses ultrasonic waves to break up water into fine particles, and then blows it into the air through an air purifier. Such humid air easily leaves water stains when it passes through the filter. It provides opportunities for bacteria to grow, causing secondary pollution of indoor air.

Now think about it, are your home air purifiers and humidifiers right? Don’t underestimate these small methods and techniques, and use them incorrectly. Especially the elderly and children at home, as well as pregnant women, need to pay special attention. Now check it out, your own home air purifier and humidifier.

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