Comprehensive comparison of ventilation systems and air purifiers, which one is more suitable for home use?

A comprehensive comparison of ventilation systems and air purifiers, which one is more suitable for home use?

Want to protect the indoor healthy living environment, many people will think of air purifiers and ventilation systems, how to choose? What are the price/performance ratios of the two, and what are their respective advantages and characteristics?
Working principle and usage scenario comparison
The ventilation system and the air purifier seem to have similar functions, but in fact, the working principle and the applicable scene are not the same. To really choose the air purification equipment suitable for your home, some basic purchasing knowledge should be clear.
The working principle of the ventilation system is to introduce outdoor air through the air supply system, and at the same time, the indoor air is discharged through the air exhaust system to replace the indoor and outdoor air without opening the window.
The working principle of the air purifier is mainly through the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter to achieve the purification function. HEPA filters filter particulates and other impurities, while activated carbon filters absorb volatile contaminants.
Comparison of advantages and characteristics
The advantage of the ventilation system is that it can solve indoor ventilation and ventilation without opening the window, forcibly sending air to promote indoor and outdoor air circulation, so that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room is reduced, even if it stays indoors for a long time without opening the window, it will not open the door. There is a feeling of nausea. At the same time, the indoor dirty air is discharged outside, so that the indoor air is often “new”.
The advantage of the air purifier is its powerful purification function. The combination of high-performance filter screen can effectively absorb harmful substances such as particles, microorganisms, bacteria, heavy metals, odors, and chemicals so that the air is often “fresh”. In addition, the air purifier itself is compact and flexible, and it can be moved to the required place for air purification at any time.
Cost-effective comparison
The ventilation system is a system in which fresh air is cleaned and sent into the room through a new fan unit, pipes, and tuyères, and the indoor dirty air is discharged to the outdoor system. The operation of the entire system unit can guarantee the continuous ventilation and purification function of the whole house as a whole, and the price will generally be higher. Both ducted and wall-mounted ventilation systems require positioning to select the appropriate location for perforated installation.
The best air purifier has a compact body and does not require perforation installation. It can be used directly to quickly purify indoor air. However, it should be noted that the scope of use of the air purifier has certain limitations and is suitable for the purification needs of individual rooms.
Therefore, to improve the air quality in the residential room, choose the air purifier or the ventilation system without tangling, according to the specific installation conditions, the scope of use and effect, the choice is the best.
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