Correct drinking habits, Olansi RO water dispenser can help you

Correct drinking habits, Olansi RO water dispenser can help you

Bad habit three: love to drink bottled water
It is easy to carry and can be opened with a lid. Polyester bottles used in bottled water often contain substances that may cause chronic poisoning in the human body. Especially when the bottle is in a high-temperature environment, or it is not drunk in time after opening, harmful substances may penetrate into the water and endanger health.
Therefore, bottled water must not be exposed to heat or exposure. “A lot of people like to put a box of water in the car. This is not right. Especially in summer, the temperature of the trunk is very high, and it is easy for harmful substances to enter the water. The best way is to buy a good quality bottle to bring water, safe and safe. Environmental protection.
Bad habit four: drinking thousands of boiling water
Nowadays, there are more and more families using electric kettles. Many people can’t finish the water once they have burned them. After a while, they will repeatedly boil. It is best not to drink this kind of rolling water. The water is boiled as soon as possible, and do not heat up.
Many people worry about whether the water in the water dispenser is a thousand boiling water. Due to material restrictions, the maximum temperature of the water in the water dispenser is generally about 90 degrees Celsius, which is not boiling, not a thousand boiling water. “But the best time to drink bottled water is 1-15 days after delivery. Once it is more than 15 days, there are too many bacteria in the water, so it is not suitable to drink.”

Bad habit five: no thirst, no water
According to a survey, seven adults are thirsty to drink water. As everyone knows, when you feel thirsty, your body has lost at least 1% of water.
Drinking water is not for understanding thirst, but for letting it participate in metabolism and being absorbed by the body. Long-term lack of water will increase the viscosity of blood and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. At the same time, the less you pay attention to drinking water, the lower your desire to drink, and the more people will become “drought”.
Therefore, no matter whether you are thirsty or not, you must replenish water in time. When you go out, bring a bottle of water in your hand and take a drink at any time. Put a few cups in the office or at home, see the needles, and have a chance to drink.
Bad habit 6: don’t drink water by the body, drink instead of water
“The boiled water has no taste, or drink it.” Many children cola and juice drinks do not leave their hands every day. Drinking water with drinks is tantamount to spending money to buy a sick person. “Not only does it not help the body to replenish water, but it also reduces appetite and affects digestion and absorption.
If you must drink the water with taste, you should also improve it according to your own constitution. For example constipation, people can drink honey water or fruit and vegetable juice, can promote intestinal peristalsis; people with stomach cold should drink less cold green tea, herbal tea, juice, drink warm stomach black tea, ginger sugar water.
Bad habit 7: Eat salty and not hydrate immediately
Eating too salty can lead to high blood pressure, which can also lead to decreased salivation and oral mucosal edema.
If you eat salty, the first thing to do is to drink plenty of water, preferably pure water and lemonade. Try not to drink sugary drinks and yogurt, because excessive sugar will also increase the feeling of thirst.
Light soy milk is also a good choice. More than 90% of it is water, and it also contains more potassium, which can promote the discharge of sodium, and the taste is sweeter.
Bad habit eight: don’t drink water before going to bed
You should not drink too much water before going to bed, but you can take a couple of drinks, especially the elderly.
When a person is asleep, the water in the blood is reduced due to the loss of water in the body, and the blood viscosity becomes higher. Drinking some water before going to sleep can reduce blood viscosity and reduce the risk of cerebral thrombosis.
In addition, in the dry autumn and winter seasons, water can also moisturize the respiratory tract and help people fall asleep better.
Three cups of “long life water”
Life-saving water, not really drinking can save lives, but this way of drinking water will bring great benefits to health, insist on drinking the effect of prolonging life.
The first cup of water that rises in the morning is real life-saving water, and middle-aged and older people should pay more attention.
After the body has been metabolized overnight, all the rubbish of the body needs to be washed. Drinking a glass of water reduces blood viscosity and increases circulating the blood volume.
In the morning, it is best to choose the following three types of water:
The first type is clear water, both boiled water and mineral water can reduce the viscosity of human blood;
The second is lemonade, which enhances morning appetite;
The third is light saltwater, which is very beneficial for people with constipation.

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