Decompose pesticides, remove bacteria, purify fruits and vegetables really so effective?

Decompose pesticides, remove bacteria, purify fruits and vegetables really so effective?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life in recent years, food safety has become one of the biggest livelihood problems in society: whether infant milk powder contains melamine, whether genetically modified soybeans harm people’s heart and brain blood vessels, and whether fruits and vegetables contain excessive pesticides are all The day has to be alive and has to be considered. In this context, fruit and vegetable purifiers came into being.

As the name implies, the principle of “fruit and vegetable purifier” is “purifying fruits and vegetables”. The fruit and vegetable purifier is manufactured by a combination of a water circulation device, a gas pump and an ozone generating device. The ozone generated during the cleaning of fruits and vegetables is fully dissolved in water to form an aqueous ozone solution, which is driven by electric energy to perform pesticide degradation and bacteria removal work on fruits and vegetables. It also plays a role in fruits, vegetables, general objects, and textiles. However, is this powerful fruit and vegetable purifier really as magical as it was introduced?

Most fruit and vegetable purifiers on the market use ozone or ultrasonic waves to purify fruits and vegetables: As described above, when ozone is dissolved in water, it can achieve the effect of sterilizing and degrading some incompletely oxidized molecules. However, according to scientific research, such incompletely oxidized molecules only occupy about 20% of the pesticides in fruits and vegetables. If only relying on ozone, it is far from achieving the effect of eliminating pesticides.

At this time, it is the turn of the ultrasonic field. Unlike the principle of ozone decomposition, the ultrasonic wave relies on the sound pressure generated during the cleaning process to form a jet, a sound stream, and a micro-acoustic stream to purify the fruits and vegetables. It can accelerate the dissolution of soluble pollutants throughout the working process and strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents, thereby achieving the effect of decomposing and removing pesticides. Therefore, when you use the fruit and vegetable purifier, in the ultrasonic function, you still need to use the detergent, in conjunction with the use, in order to achieve purification. However, according to the data, even the fruit and vegetable purifier combined with ozone and ultrasound can only effectively remove 75% of the pesticides and bacteria in fruits and vegetables, and it is easy to leave the detergent during use, which causes another food safety hazard.

Not only that, due to the unique working principle of the fruit and vegetable purifier, if the ozone produced is excessive, it will greatly stimulate the respiratory tract of the human body, causing sore throat, chest tightness and cough, bronchitis and emphysema, and even harmful to human immunity in severe cases. Systematic, induced lymphoblastic chromosomal lesions, is very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that when working in the fruit and vegetable purifier, try to avoid excessively close to the machine, so as not to discharge too much ozone and damage health; in addition, when the vegetables and fruits are purified, they are first placed aside, and the ozone is decomposed and eaten.

In summary, the fruit and vegetable purifier can indeed eliminate the effects of pesticides and bacteria on fruits and vegetables, but the working principle of ozone and ultrasound is far less powerful and thorough than its propaganda. Improper use may even harm People’s. If there is no fruit and vegetable purifier, everyone will put the returned vegetables into the freezer for 4-6 hours, sterilize at low temperature, and then carefully remove them with water to clean them. It can also have similar effects.

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