Do you know how much PM2.5 can a negative ion air purifier clear in a year?

Do you know how much PM2.5 can a negative ion air purifier clear in a year?

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With the prevalence of smog, the air purifier gradually penetrated into the home of ordinary people to become the standard of home appliances. There is no doubt that the existence of air purifiers brings us not only healthy air, but also the happiness of a family. Many diseases are coming in from the mouth, and the air purifier helps us to remove impurities and germs from the air… …

There are also many people who question that air purifiers are useless, but do you know how much PM2.5 an air purifier can help us remove in a year?

According to statistics, an adult in a calm state, each time breathing about 500ml of air, breathing 16-20 times a minute, equivalent to breathing 8-10L air for one minute, nearly 11.5 – 14.4m3 a day. There is also an algorithm in which an adult breathes 6-7.5 liters of air per minute in a state of peace, which is equivalent to about 8.6-10.03 cubic meters per day. When the human body moves vigorously, the amount of air that can be breathed can reach about 10 times that of a calm state. Combining these two kinds of sayings, people in daily work and life will inevitably have some exercise, so the daily breathing of the human body is roughly between 10-15m3. In smog weather, PM2.5 concentration will generally reach 300ug/m3, and even as high as 600 ug/m3, then according to the daily breathing volume of 10-15 m3, we will inhale approximately 3.5-5.5mg of PM2.5 a day (1mg = 1000ug), equivalent to 3 packs of cigarettes in one day.

Calculated by taking about 3 mg of PM2.5 in a day, we inhaled about 1095 mg in one year and 10950 mg in 10 years, which is equivalent to how many cigarettes we smoked. At this time, an air purifier with high efficiency to remove PM2.5 is equivalent to adding a “lung” outside the human body to remove these pollutants and protect our real lungs from PM2.5.

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