Do you really understand HEPA filter?

What is HEPA
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is the most recognized high-efficiency filter material in the world. The particles having a particle diameter of 0.3 μm can be filtered, and the filtration effect is about 99.97% or more. That is to say: only 3 particles per 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane.

How is the HEPA filter grade divided?
HEPA filters and the like are subdivided into G1-G4, F5-F9, H10-H14 and U15-U17 according to the current European scale. The best known H13 and H14 filters are high efficiency air filters.
The HEPA filter grade is subdivided according to the American ASHRAE rating. H11, H12, H13, and H14 are equivalent to the US M15, M16, M17, and M18 grades.
The unfolded area of ​​HEPA determines the quality of the filter, and its filtration efficiency is proportional to the expansion area. The smaller the unfolded area, the shorter the service life of the filter. On the contrary, if the area is too large, the wind pressure will increase and the air volume will be affected. Therefore, a HEPA filter that is more suitable for air purifiers must be accurately designed and adjusted several times to determine the final deployment area.

As a manufacturer of air purifiers, Olansi is more professional in the production of air purifier filters.A variety of high quality filters are available for customization.
At present, we have a special deodorizing filter that has passed the Korean KC and CA certification, which proves our ability in the production of filters.
The following is the internal test data of the 8 cubic meter test space provided by the supplier (for reference only).

hepa filter

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Analysis of indoor air pollution

Analysis of indoor air pollution

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People have always thought that air pollution is serious outdoors. In fact, the indoor environment of offices, rooms, restaurants, theaters, dance halls and other buildings has a much greater impact on people’s health than outdoor. About 80% of a person’s life is spent indoors. Therefore, the quality of indoor environment directly affects human health. From the reality, the indoor air quality is far worse than the outdoor atmospheric environment.

Environmental workers remind people that indoor air pollution is often five times more severe than outdoor air pollution, and in some cases, even more than 100 times. About 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected indoors, and 68% of human diseases are related to indoor air pollution. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the beautification of the home environment, but it also inevitably brings indoor environmental pollution.

Indoor air pollution directly threatens people’s health. The number of deaths caused by indoor pollution is as high as 111,000 per year, the number of over-examinations is 220,000, and the number of emergency vacancies is 4.3 million. The incidence of diseases such as leukemia, respiratory diseases, blood diseases, fetal death, deformed children, and skin diseases due to environmental quality has increased by an average of more than 2% over the previous year. Due to the deterioration of the indoor environment, the incidence of lung cancer is increasing at an alarming rate of 26.9% per year. The World Health Organization has announced that pneumonia and other acute lower respiratory tract infections are the single most important cause of death among children under five years of age. Exposure to indoor air pollution increases the risk of pneumonia by more than a factor of more than 900,000 deaths per year from 2 million deaths caused by pneumonia. Even more worrisome is that children are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution than adults. A survey from Beijing Children’s Hospital showed that 90% of children with leukemia admitted to the hospital had been renovated within six months. Experts speculate that harmful substances in interior decoration materials may be an important cause of pediatric leukemia.

According to investigations by the World Health Organization and relevant Chinese departments, due to the widespread use of sealed structures in modern buildings, indoor air pollution caused by improper use of decorative materials has caused serious problems in building diseases. In some areas, the detection results of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other harmful substances in the indoor environment have reached 7.7% of the total required by the State’s ‘Code for the Control of Indoor Air Pollution in Civil Buildings’. The huge harm caused by decoration pollution has caused the government. Relevant departments, health organizations, and relevant experts attach great importance to it.

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The inner core of the popular air purifier – HEPA filter

The inner core of the popular air purifier – HEPA filter

Today, air purifiers are classified into active adsorption and passive adsorption according to the purification method. Active adsorption is mainly a negative ion air purifier, while passive adsorption is a filter air purifier. The purification methods of the two do not understand, but the ultimate goal is always. The core component of the filter air purifier is the filter screen. The filter of different materials purifies and intercepts the harmful substances of the air. However, the most effective HEPA filter is not only the purification effect but the service life is longer than the other. It is the best choice for dealing with smog. Many friends who know HEPA know, but do you know? HEPA filters are also different, they are also graded. In addition, is the HEPA filter really thicker and finer? Is it anxious? In the next article, I will tell you the answer.
What is HEPA?

The HEPA filter is made of very fine organic fibers. It has a strong ability to capture particles, has a small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The purification rate of particles for 0.3 micron reaches 99.97%. Therefore, its effect on filtering particulate matter is very obvious. If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtration effect can reach almost 100% because the particles in the cigarettes are between 0.5 and 2 microns and cannot pass through the HEPA filter.
HEPA also has grades
The HEPA filter is divided into E10 to U17 and other grades. For fine particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more, the filtration efficiency ranges from 99.7% to 99.9999%. Among them, EPA10-EPA12 is called a sub-efficient air filter for filtering particulate matter; HEPA13-14 is called a high-efficiency air filter. ULPA 15-17 is known as an air filter with very low transmission.
The HEPA filter of H13 grade can achieve a total efficiency of 99.95. The H14 graded HEPA filter has a total efficiency of 99.995%. The U-grade HEPA filter has higher overall efficiency and can reach up to 99.999995 U17.
HEPA also has limitations
Although in theory, the HEPA filter is capable of intercepting tiny particles, if the humidity rises in reality, many bacteria and viruses are blocked on the filter net, but cannot be killed, but instead, breed on it and spread again in the air. On the other hand, there are many types of indoor pollutants, which determines that the air purifier needs to use a multi-layer filter to purify different pollutants.

The denser the filter air purifier filter, the better?
Many friends will think that the filter material used in the filter air purifier has a higher material density, and the better the effect of filtering the pollutants. However, is the truth of the truth really the same? The general ventilation filter in the purifier, the airflow wear The speed of the filter material is in the range of 0.13~1.0m/s. The resistance and the air volume are no longer linear, but an upward arc. The air volume increases by 30% and the resistance may increase by 50%. The filter can capture any form. Particulate matter, including droplets. The filter material is generally porous and somewhat anechoic. The filter creates resistance to the airflow and has some current sharing. The smaller the density of the filter, the smaller the diameter of the dust particles, the better the purification effect, but the strong resistance will be generated, the wind speed will be reduced, and the purification efficiency will be affected. Therefore, the purification by the filter alone has certain limitations (need to be increased). Fan power, but the noise is easy to exceed the standard, energy consumption, and high-efficiency filter network should be replaced frequently consumables). The reason is very similar to the fact that we wear masks. The masks that can effectively protect PM2.5 are often very airtight.

Olansi air purifiers mainly use HEPA filter air purifiers, and the quality and purification effect is among the best. Recently, a new air purifier has been combined with negative ions and filters to take advantage of each other to purify indoor air.

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How should the HEPA filter be selected?

How should the HEPA filter be selected?

HEPA filter rating
HEPA filters are classified according to the level of filtration capacity and are generally classified into G1 to H14 and other grades.
For fine particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more, G1-F5 does not have any filtering effect, and the filtration efficiency of F6-H14 is from 20% to 99.999997%.
F6-F8 is called medium efficiency air filter;
F9-H11 is called a sub-high efficiency filter;
H12-H13 is called a high-efficiency air filter.
H14 is called an ultra-efficient air filter.

Main components of the HEPA filter
PP type HEPA filter (polypropylene, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic)
PET type HEPA filter (material for disposable plastic products)
PP and PET composite HEPA filter
Glass fiber ultra-efficient HEPA filter (an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance)

PP and glass fiber HEPA filters are generally not washable. Filters based on PET or containing PET have a certain degree of water washability.
However, Xiaobian has to remind everyone: PET-based HEPA is made by melt-spraying materials such as polyester resin. Due to the worst filtration effect, it is generally applied to household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots that do not require high filtration accuracy. Or a large cleaning machine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PP, PP, and PP composite HEPA?

PP type HEPA
The PP filter element is made by hot melt entanglement of ultrafine polypropylene fibers. It is the same material as the first primary filter material meltblown PP cotton in the general water purifier, but the shape is changed. In appearance, the PP-based HEPA filter is similar to the ultra-efficient fiberglass HEPA filter. Many people in the industry can’t distinguish between the two by their appearance. When PP type HEPA is used in air purifiers, the purification efficiency is not high, up to H10 level, and it can only achieve high efficiency or sub-efficiency, which is far from the ultra-efficient filtration level.

PP composite HEPA (PP and PET)
Currently, PP type HEPA filtration on the market is inefficient and cannot meet the needs of consumers. In order to expand the market, some manufacturers process PP-type HEPA filters, so there is a PP composite HEPA filter.
PP composite HEPA actually melts a layer of PP and then melts a layer of PET so that it combines PP and PET. In fact, its main material is still PP type HEPA. After treatment, a composite electrostatic layer is formed on the surface of the PP material to form an electrostatic film. The electrostatic film generates static electricity on the HEPA, and the pollutants passing through the filter are electrostatically adsorbed. Improve the efficiency of single filter filtration.
After about 3 months, after the electrostatic layer is blown by the fan and consumed, the filtration effect of the composite filter will be greatly reduced. In the long-term use, you need to pay attention to the filter consumption and replace the filter element in time.

* Glass fiber ultra-efficient HEPA

Glass fiber is also referred to as glass fiber. The filtration precision of glass fiber HEPA is very high, and the filtration grade reaches H14. Therefore, its cost is about 3 times higher than that of the PP type HEPA filter.
Glass fiber materials are quite obvious compared to PP materials:
#Strong durability: high mechanical strength, strong wear resistance, improve the durability of the filter;
#High dust holding capacity: The filter material made of glass fiber has good elasticity, and its dust-holding capacity is often doubled compared with other chemical fiber filter materials;
The glass fiber HEPA filter has the highest filtration efficiency in all materials. The HEPA filter made of glass fiber is several times more efficient than ordinary filter media.

Little Tips:
Glass fiber materials are widely used in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, dust-free and sterile laboratories for medical systems, operating rooms, electronic semiconductors, food and beverage industrial clean rooms, and other professional environmental pollution control.

When choosing the HPEA filter element, you can refer to the above and make the corresponding choice to find the purifier for HEPA filter element suitable for your home use. The purification effect will be obvious.

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Air Purifier HEPA Filter Introduction and Maintenance

Air Purifier HEPA Filter Introduction and Maintenance

The filter of the air purifier is very important. Every time we need to maintain it, otherwise, the air purifier will not only give you clean air but also blow the secondary polluted air. Therefore, the filter maintenance of the air purifier is very important, and some filters
The network needs to be replaced, and some need to be cleaned. Today I will take a look at the HEPA air purifier filter.

HEPA filter: HEPA is an internationally recognized and best high-efficiency filter material. Originally used in nuclear energy research and protection, HEPA is now widely used in high-purity places such as precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research, and surgery. HEPA is made up of very fine organic fibers. It has a strong ability to capture particles, has a small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The particle purification rate for 0.3 micron is 99.97%. This means that only 3 of every 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. Therefore, its effect of filtering particulate matter is very obvious! If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtration effect can be almost 100%, because the particle size in cigarettes is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and it is impossible to pass the HEPA filter membrane.
The filter screen using HEPA technology can not be washed unless otherwise specified. In the current serious indoor air pollution situation in China, the life of HEPA filter is only 3 months or shorter, which means HEPA filters need to be replaced frequently.

In addition, although the replacement cost of the HEPA filter is high, the cleaning life can be extended to some extent by the vacuum cleaner. If the white HEPA filter surface tends to be black, in order to ensure air filtration and good health, The recommendation is to be replaced as soon as possible.

OLANSI air purifiers are constantly striving for technical upgrades. They have introduced coconut shell activated carbon technology and loaded with HEPA filter technology to complete the development of composite filter air purifiers, greatly improving the efficiency of formaldehyde removal. It is recognized in China as a brand of air purifier with strong formaldehyde removal effect.

Of course, since different types of purifiers and different frequency of use will affect the filter replacement time, there is no uniform requirement. Under the weather conditions in Beijing, the purifier filter is recommended to be replaced once every 1-3 months according to the normal frequency of use.
The specific judgment method: If you open it and find that the purifier filter has turned black, or touch it with your hand, you can see the obvious dust falling off, and you should change the core. If you smell bad taste and change it, it is already late.

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why we need to use hepa filter on Home air purifier ?

Why we need to use hepa filter on Home air purifier ?

Guangzhou Olansi has conducted screening and research on various models of home atmosphere purifiers and filters, applying a specialty laser molecule counter to gauge typically the percentage of particles taken out of the air. Here happen to be the key fact a person need to know regarding HEPA technology and their use in air filter and HVAC filters.

The reason why HEPA?

High-Efficiency Particulate Atmosphere (HEPA) Filters are confirmed to be probably the most trustworthy filter technology out there. The particular key to HEPA Filter systems is its tightly weaved composition, making them the effective very safe answer to remove airborne allergens that can aggravate:

Allergic reactions

Athma attacks

Chemical tenderness

Settling dust

Mold development

Pet-related allergies and smell

Smoke odor

Illnesses associated to viruses & germs

Long term respiratory wellness problems

How does DUST work?

olansi air filter


HEPA Material

DUST can be a flat, pleated page made up of millions of incredibly tiny fiberglass threads, forming the complex maze which blocks airborne particles.

Because debris 0. 3 microns will be the weakest point with the filter’s performance, a filtration system is only classified since HEPA if it eliminates 99. 97% of allergens that are 0. three or more microns.

Three forms of record


As particles stream by, they are captivated and stick to local HEPA filter fibers.


Air flows smoothly close to filter fibers, but allergens collide and get stuck.


Microscopic particles proceed erratically, increasing the probability of being captured simply by interception or impaction.

So how exactly does HEPA compare to HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING filtration?

HEPA filters include the highest level regarding filtering available. Most residence HVAC systems aren’t made to handle the stress of benefit resistance blocking of a HEPA filtration, so an HVAC filtering with a tight interweave may reduce air circulation and ultimately lower surroundings quality. HVAC filters arrive in different MERV scores, but even the many effective MERV-rated HVAC filtration system is much less useful than an HEPA surroundings purifier. If HEPA purification is required, we suggest an air purifier.

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how to choose air purifier

Home air cleaner Buying Guide from residence air cleaner
The right dwelling air purifier can develop a dramatic improvement inside your home’s air top quality. But choosing an air flow purifier shouldn’t make your current head spin. That’s exactly why we’ve merged some acquiring guides which will start simply by explaining the basics, and can then lead you in order to the air purifier that is right for you.

Precisely how to Buy the best Atmosphere Cleaner

how to choose air purifier

how to choose air purifier

Even the greenest homes can contain particles, pet dander, pollen, in addition to fumes. If you possess chronic obstructive pulmonary condition (COPD) or other chest problems, these airborne issues can make it more challenging to breathe.

Although is actually impossible to remove just about all of the particles, some sort of portable air cleanser (also known an air purifier) may reduce asthma plus allergy symptoms.

“Since many individuals with COPD have hypersensitive airways and problems using allergies as well, a great air cleaner will most likely be worth a try out, ” says Norman Edelman, MD, chief medical expert of the American Chest Association. “It’s not planning to produce a huge big difference in their illness, however it may be beneficial. inch

How to see the tag

Air cleaners are examined and rated by Organization of Home Appliance Producers (AHAM), which assigns a new number from 0 in order to 450 known as typically the Clean Air Delivery Level (CADR) to indicate precisely how fast a cleaner filtration systems dust, tobacco smoke, plus pollen out of typically the air. The AHAM in addition suggests the size involving the space (in square feet) that a particular type is best suited.

When choosing an air cleaner, compare and contrast these four key amounts searching for the AHAM seal, that this association calls for manufacturers to show on their particular packaging. Consumer Reports suggests that you purchase some sort of model with increased square-footage ability than you need, therefore that you can function the machine effectively in its (quieter) “low” placing.

Electronic air cleansers

Surroundings cleaners that use electrically charged plates known while “electrostatic precipitators” have cultivated in popularity. These purifiers are very efficient in addition to don’t require replacement filtration, but they produce little amounts of ozone, a new gas that irritates the particular lungs and possesses been displayed to exacerbate COPD. “We caution against buying any kind of air cleaner that creates ozone, because ozone is extremely irritating to the the respiratory system tract, ” says Doctor. Edelman. (Another type regarding air cleaner known since ‘ozone generators’ that intentionally produce ozone should in addition be avoided, in accordance with the two Dr. Edelmand the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY. )

Though Consumer Reviews has expressed exactly the same worries about ozone, the publication listed the Friedrich C-90B (left), which retails intended for around $550, as typically the top electronic air solution in a 2007 evaluation.

HEPA filters

One other primary type of air clean uses high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These kinds of are effective at taking away dust and other issues in the air, yet these people produce no ozone.

Expensive HEPA cleaners, such like the Airgle 750 andBlueair 650E, have earned the particular AHAM’s top CADR credit score and are rated with regard to rooms as large since 26-by-26 feet, but these types of units typically sell intended for $800 or maybe more. For some sort of more affordable HEPA space purifier, Consumer Reports offers recommended the Hunter Permalife 547 (left), which is yours for between $300 and even $350.

Be sure in order to check the associated together with replacement filters before getting. HEPA filters need in order to be changed about as soon as a year and may cost $100 or even more.

Low-cost clean air

Changing the existing filter found in your forced-air HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) technique is an inexpensive substitute for room cleaners.

Just seeing that the AHAM does with regard to room cleaners, the Us Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers designates a “minimum efficiency revealing value” (MERV) to filtration that measures their performance at removing particles through the air.

Most HEATING AND COOLING systems include filters associated with MERV 1 to four. While most homes can not accommodate HEPA filters (MERV 17 to 20) due to the fact they are too major and dense, filters using a MERV between several and 13 are practically as effective as DUST filters. Filters within this line, such as those through True Blue (pictured), are usually obtainable at most equipment and big-box stores with regard to $20 or less.

On the web resources

For more data on shopping for air flow cleaners, look at these essential online resources:

– Typically the Association of Home Equipment Manufacturers’ comprehensive online directory site of Clean Air Shipping and delivery Rates; browse by company, size of room, or even other criteria.
– The particular Environmental Protection Agency newsletter, Guide to Air Purifiers in the house.
– The Customer Reports online Air Cleaners Buying Guide.