Does the air purifier work?

Does the air purifier work?

With the development of the economy, the pollution in the air is getting more and more serious. The poor air quality not only has great harm to people’s health, but also indirectly affects people’s mental health. The air purifier can absorb various pollutants in the air, generally including: PM2.5, pollen, dust, odor, formaldehyde and other pollutants. Are these pollutants harmful to the human body? After reading it, you will know if it is necessary to add an air purifier to your home.

Does the air purifier work?
Method / step
First, the use of natural air pollution: the intuitive reason for the purifier is natural air pollution. Natural air pollution is what we usually call PM2.5. The harm of the dust itself is not serious, but the PM2.5 particles have large area, strong activity, easy to attach toxic and harmful substances (such as heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.), and have a long residence time in the atmosphere and a long transport distance. The effects of human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment are greater.

Second, pollen: The reason why the use of purifiers, pollen is also an important factor. Many people don’t care about pollen. They think that pollen will not affect themselves. In fact, during the high incidence of pollen, sneezing, runny nose, tears, stuffy nose, etc. are all manifestations of pollen allergy symptoms. Sexual allergies in children and children with severe allergies can inexplicably lose their temper, excessively active, chaotic, huddled under tables and chairs, under the bed or in the dark corners of furniture, and so on.

Does the indoor air purifier work?
Third, dust mites: Dust mites allergic patients in addition to anti-mite and anti-mite, dust mite allergies patients will also be allergic to other substances. Dust sputum asthma is inhaled asthma, often in early childhood, has a history of infant eczema, or a history of chronic bronchiolitis. Sudden, recurrent episodes of the symptoms of this symptom, accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, can not supine, breathless breathing. At the same time, the incidence of allergic rhinitis is inseparable from dust mites. Because of the existence of pollution sources such as formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, dust, pollen, and dust mites, the use value of purifiers is only available.

Second-hand smoke: The harm of second-hand smoke is not to be underestimated. In the “Report on China’s Smoking Hazard Health” issued by the Ministry of Health, smokers in China over 15 years old are close to 30%; adult males are over 50% smoking, Chinese smokers Up to 301 million. Second-hand smoke is more harmful to children’s health, so it is especially important in smoking household purifiers.

Does the top rated home air purifiers work?
V. Formaldehyde: In China, in fact, users first understand the purifier, not smog but formaldehyde. Because of the “closed” decoration materials, formaldehyde is the main cause of indoor pollution and a unique pollution problem for Chinese families. Formaldehyde raw materials will be attached to the wardrobe, floor and paint, and it is a long-term volatile process. At the same time, harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene are also high pollutants. The incidence of “acute leukemia” is mostly caused by the renovation of the family. In the face of indoor air pollution, purifiers are a good choice.

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