Effective countermeasures to eliminate indoor air pollution

Effective countermeasures to eliminate indoor air pollution

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1.Increasing the frequency of indoor ventilation is a key measure to reduce pollution. In the spring, summer and autumn, the average family should leave vents or often open ‘small windows’; in the winter, at least 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. In places where crowds of classrooms, theaters, carriages, shops, etc. are gathered, special attention should be paid to ventilation and ventilation.

2.Absolutely quit smoking in the room and work and study rooms.

3.Households that use coal, firewood, etc. to maintain the stove, always maintain a good ventilation, to prevent incomplete combustion.

4.Pay attention to the air hygiene in the kitchen. Every time you finish cooking, you must open the window to change the air; when frying and frying food, you should strengthen the ventilation. Soot pollution is especially harmful to the human body. It is better to install a kitchen range hood.

5.Proper use of household chemicals. When using chemical agents, the window should be opened. After use, the window should not be closed immediately. At least the window should be opened for half an hour.

6.Do everything possible to increase the time of outdoor activities. On a good holiday, the whole family should go out of the house and go to nature. For the old, weak, sick, disabled and young children who have stayed indoors for a long time, they should arrange certain outdoor activities for them. Chronic patients, especially those who can’t take care of themselves in bed or in the second place, are important indoor pollution sources, and in turn are the primary victims. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the care and hygiene care for such patients, wash and change clothes and bedding, and pay attention to frequent window ventilation.

7.Put some flowers and plants indoors. It is also very effective to eliminate or reduce the harm caused by ‘decoration syndrome’ to people.

8.Install an air purifier. When using an air purifier, pay attention to window ventilation and pay attention to air flow.

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