Experts guide how to remove harmful substances from vegetable residues

Experts guide how to remove harmful substances from vegetable residues

The current society can no longer eat the green vegetables of the past. The black-hearted merchants want to harvest fruits and vegetables as early as possible and can make their vegetables and fruits look fresh and beautiful. Therefore, when vegetables and fruits have not reached the mature season, they use ripening agents and pesticides to kill insects, resulting in many harmful fruits and vegetables. Harmful substances are also very unfavorable to our human body. It is also very simple to remove. Experts guide how to remove harmful substances from vegetable residues. Let’s take a look.
1, nitrite. Due to the excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrate content in vegetables tends to be high. After conversion to nitrite, it may synthesize nitrosamines with protein decomposition products, which may become a hidden danger of cancer such as gastric cancer. Many people are used to soaking vegetables for a long time. Studies at Anhui Agricultural University have found that long-term soaking will increase nitrate in vegetables. When washing vegetables, it is best to rinse with water for 3-4 times. If you want to soak, do not exceed 20 minutes.
2. Pesticide residues. Studies have shown that pesticides in legumes, leafy vegetables, and solanaceous vegetables have higher levels of pesticide residues. The main component of pesticide residues is organic phosphorus, which not only causes acute poisoning but also chronic toxicity caused by long-term consumption. Dai Yunqing, associate professor of the College of Food Science of China Agricultural University, pointed out that organic phosphorus is insoluble in water, so it cannot be removed by simply soaking. Tap water and low concentration of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent for short time soaking and repeated washing with running water can effectively reduce the content of organic phosphorus in vegetables.
3. Oxalic acid. Oxalic acid in vegetables affects the absorption of calcium and causes stones. Excessive intake of oxalic acid may also cause damage to the digestive tract and even damage the kidneys. Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science at China Agricultural University, told reporters that as long as proper processing and cooking, the oxalic acid in vegetables can be reduced to a level that does not harm health. Studies at home and abroad have found that discarding vegetable soup after scalding treatment can effectively reduce the oxalic acid content in vegetables.
Therefore, when we wash vegetables, we can remove harmful substances according to the above methods, so that we can have a healthy body while enjoying the food, and we must understand this knowledge before we can cook too. More harmful substances enter our bodies.

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