Facial skin problems of all ages

Facial skin problems of all ages

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18: Skin oil, skin appears
28: pigmentation, changes in skin characteristics, changes in skin characteristics at the chin, upper eyelids begin to relax
38: The eye circle appears, the area becomes larger; the depth crow’s feet and the Sichuan word appear; the pigmentation is uneven; the chin contour continues to become blurred.
48: There is a significant change in the corner of the mouth; the color spots become deeper and larger; the neck becomes significantly looser
58: The lower part of the face becomes slack; the upper eyelid is obviously sunken; the skin is changed at the neck and chin, and the clinical features of each aging are deepening.
68: wrinkles continue to deepen, facial contours gradually disappear

The root cause: wrinkles, aging, spots, pigments, etc. of the skin, in the final analysis, is the erosion of harmful substances in the body and in vitro.
Free radicals are a kind of very active and highly oxidizing chemical substance, also called active oxygen, produced by human cells during metabolism. Free radicals attack life macromolecules can cause damage to cell tissue, leading to water shortage, disease and aging in human skin.

Olansi plasma beauty instrument
Elimination of bacteria: active oxygen atom sterilization, oxygen molecule sterilization, plasma sterilization
Repair the skin: enhance the skin’s ability to moisturize and avoid dry skin itching
High energy permeability: activates the epidermal cells of the skin, increases the hydrophilicity of the skin, and helps the absorption of the essence.
Improves wrinkles: Balances skin’s ionic position, tightens the skin’s dermis, reduces wrinkles, and inhibits skin aging
Brighten skin tone: promotes sufficient cells, promotes collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, breaks down melanin, enhances skin tone
Other functions: stop bleeding, purify the air, remove odor

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