Five factors that determine the purification effect of air purifiers

Five factors that determine the purification effect of air purifiers

For air purifiers, the purification of air is the primary condition for measuring the quality of an air purifier. In addition, it is energy consumption, noise, service life, and other considerations. Then, from the technical materials and conditions of the use of air purifiers, what are the main factors affecting the purification effect of air purifiers?
The first is the filter material of the air purifier. For air purifiers, the purification effect is mainly from the filter material. Generally speaking, air purification filter materials have various limitations, such as non-woven fabrics, filter papers, etc., to ensure good ventilation, but also to effectively filter harmful substances in the air, the two are difficult to balance. Although activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity, it is easy to saturate. With the results of the pollutants, the purification effect will be significantly reduced. In different indoor environments, the requirements for air purifier filters are different. Therefore, in the process of selecting an air purifier, whether the function of the filter material meets the actual needs, whether it is convenient to replace, the service life, etc., is the first problem to be considered.
Followed by the performance of the air purifier fan. The purification efficiency of the air purifier is closely related to the size of the air volume. Because the purification process of any air purifier requires air to pass through the purification device inside the purifier, and the fan is the energy source of the air circulation. In general, the higher the power of the fan, the higher the purification efficiency and the greater the noise. However, the silence of the air purifier structure is the mainstream method for most powerful air purifier brands to reduce the noise of high-power fans without affecting the purification efficiency.
Again, the object to be purified by the air purifier. In general, air purifiers on the market are targeted. For example, some air purifiers mainly purify and adsorb chemical pollutants, and the effect of purifying formaldehyde pollution on new decoration and new furniture is obvious; some are mainly aimed at efficiently filtering inhalable particles in the air. Of course, there are also air purifiers that are ingenious to kill bacteria, germs, and maintain human health and safety, such as Aegis. When consumers choose an air purifier, they should consider the air pollution of the applied place more and choose the air purifier.
There is also an air purifier workspace volume that is also a part that needs attention. Different air purifiers have different effective workspace volumes due to different fan and performance designs. For example, an air purifier with an air volume of fewer than 120 m3 per hour is used in a room below 20 m2, and the purification effect is most obvious.
Finally, it is necessary to clean the level of pollution in the room. The degree of indoor air pollution is also one of the factors affecting the purification effect of air purifiers. For example, in the environment with a high concentration of chemical pollutants, it is necessary to replace the adsorbent materials more frequently. In the summer when viruses and germs are more likely to breed, it is necessary to pay attention to antibacterial peptide filtration. The sterilization effect of the net.
In general, the filter material and the adsorbent material are determined for the service life and purification effect of the air purifier; the design of the fan and the air duct is determined by determining the energy efficiency of the air purifier; the overall structure safety and noise effect of the air purifier is determined by the outer casing of the air conditioner. And electromechanical; it is the monitoring system and display system that determines the ease and intelligence of the air purifier. Depending on the specific needs of air purification, air purifiers also have a variety of changes in detail, which also gives consumers more and more accurate air purifier products to choose from.

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