Fruit and vegetable washing machine principle!

Fruit and vegetable washing machine principle!

The ozone washing machine is at the bottom of the vegetable washing machine. It has an ozone generator that can generate ozone and use ozone to clean the fruits and vegetables and detoxify the pesticides. As for how ozone comes, you can refer to: the principle of ozone generator
Here we skipped the question of how ozone came. Let’s talk about the ozone component. Why do the fruit and vegetable washing machines use ozone to cleanse and detoxify the pesticides?
Speaking of ozone, I believe that friends who have studied junior high school physics must think of the ozone atmosphere mentioned in the textbook. Ozone (O3), also known as superoxide, is an allotrope of oxygen (O2), which is a light blue gas with a special odor at normal temperature. Under normal temperature and pressure, the stability is poor, and it can be decomposed into oxygen by itself. Ozone has the taste of grass, and inhalation is beneficial to the human body. Excessive inhalation has certain harm to human health, non-flammable and pure.
The basic principle of ozone to remove pesticide residues
Ozone is a strong oxidant. Pesticides are an organic compound. Ozone disinfection destroys the chemical bonds of organic pesticides by strong oxidation, so that it loses its medicinal properties, and at the same time kills various bacteria and viruses on the surface to achieve detoxification purposes. To put it simply, ozone can break down the organic pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables and the inside through the action of strong oxidation!
Therefore, ozone can indeed remove pesticide residues, but not all pesticide residues can be removed. Now the fruit and vegetable washing machine does not have national standards to determine whether it is a qualified product. Most ozone-type fruit and vegetable washing machines use the national standard GB/ T 5009.20-2003 “Determination of organophosphorus pesticide residues in foods”. As well known as dichlorvos, it is an organophosphorus pesticide. Therefore, some fruit and vegetable washing machine manufacturers use organophosphorus pesticides such as dichlorvos for testing when they do pesticide testing.
Ozone is an isomer of oxygen, which is a strong oxidant; it reduces pesticides, removes bacteria 1.5 times that of chlorine, and sterilizes 600-3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone naturally decays to oxygen at room temperature with a decay period of 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Ozone is rapidly converted to “ecological oxygen” in water, and there are no residual problems. Ozone is an efficient and fast decontaminant, which can quickly resolve pesticide residues in a short period of time, so that bacteria and viruses are quickly eliminated.
This is why there are businesses selling ozone-type fruit and vegetable machines that tell consumers that machines are safe. Because as long as the ozone generator inside the ozone fruit and vegetable washing machine is produced according to the requirements of the national standard, the ozone concentration generated meets the requirements, and in the course of use, the use of the matter can ensure the safety performance.
Ozone can effectively reduce and eliminate pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and bio-hormone residues and various pathogens and pathogenic bacteria in the diet through the water medium, reducing the harm of pollution to humans.

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