Household Air Purifier: Risk of Stroke Caused by Poor Air Quality

Household Air Purifier: Risk of Stroke Caused by Poor Air Quality

A new study in Germany shows that particulate matter has recently been linked because quality accurately indicates the adverse effects of smoke and air pollution on our respiratory system. The level of stroke in adults has risen.

More than 4,400 residents of Bohong, Essen and Milheim Anders completed the survey. Participants were selected between 2000 and 2003, aged between 45 and 74. In addition, the authors assessed the particulate matter and noise exposure based on the participants’residence.

The results show that with the increase in air pollution, stroke may occur. The results of coronary artery events are not clear, and the effect of exposure to noise pollution is not obvious. Cardiovascular diseases caused by particulate matter exposure

Olansi, Guangzhou, is well aware of the harmful effects of air pollutants, especially particulate matter, on health.

In order to reduce the negative impact of exposure to insufficient air quality, we are conducting extensive research on high-end filtration, so as to provide buyers with the best air freshener filter in the world.

Our doctor-approved home air purifier provides a true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of the smallest particles from the air – the most harmful particles with a limit of more than 0.3 microns, while some competitors can only remove less harmful particles.

If you live in a place with poor air quality or frequent allergens in the air, consider using a doctor-approved Olansi air purifier and avoiding stroke or other health problems for you or your family.

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