How much residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables are harmful to the human body?

How much residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables are harmful to the human body?

When the types and production areas of fruits and vegetables on our table are becoming more and more abundant, the problem of pesticide residues will continue uninterrupted. Today, the food on our table is no longer the clean food of the past. Modern agriculture has become accustomed to the application of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Their application not only reduces the nutrient content of food but also brings harm to our body.

People have become accustomed to saying that they eat more vegetables and fruits, but after careful study, they will find that there are problems that make us more worried. It is the common residual pesticides. Especially in recent years, pesticides have exceeded the standard, which has become a big problem on the table.

What are the hazards of pesticide residues on the human body?
Easy to cause obesity. When the liver can’t detoxify toxic substances, it is wrapped with fat to form cellulite. This is why some people will get sick after losing weight because, after the weight loss, the pesticide inside re-enters the human body.

It is easy to cause cancer. It is easy to induce mutations in organisms and increase the possibility of cell mutations, thereby causing cells to be deformed and inducing cancer.

Interfering with endocrine. Some pesticide molecules are very similar to human estrogens, which can cause the body’s hormone balance to be disordered. These things can affect our behavior, the development of the brain and reproductive organs, and cause cancer.

It can cause digestive dysfunction in the human body. Long-term consumption of foods with pesticide residues can interfere with our digestive system function, mainly manifested as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and dry stool. Therefore, be cautious when eating food.
Affect the immune system and the hematopoietic system. Long-term consumption of foods with pesticide residues can easily cause cancer, blood gonorrhea, and immune system disorders, and also affect our immune system and hematopoietic system.

It is easy to cause fetal visceral dysplasia or deformity. Toxic substances in residual pesticides are absorbed by the fetus through the placenta or breast milk in pregnant women, resulting in the development of some internal organs of the fetus or malformation. In some cases of birth defects, poisoning in the uterus is the cause of the increase in children’s diseases. Be careful when feeding your child.

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