How to choose a water purifier

How to choose a water purifier

In recent years, environmental pollution, water pollution, and other incidents have occurred. If you want to have a clean water environment, it is a good choice to buy a kitchen water purifier, then how to choose a kitchen water purifier.
First, understand the principle of water purification products and their own needs
At present, there are many kinds of household water purification products on the market. The most common ones are pure water machines and water purifiers. Let us first understand their functions, advantages, and disadvantages:
1. Pure water machine, also known as RO machine, reverse osmosis water purifier, the core component is reverse osmosis membrane. The pore size of the RO membrane is only 0.0001 micron, which can effectively filter out various bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, soluble solids, organic matter, chemical residues and other harmful substances in the water.
2. There are two main types of water purifiers, one is ultrafiltration membrane, the filtration precision is 0.01 micron, which can filter impurities of viruses, bacteria, and larger particles, but can not completely remove heavy metals and scales; another type of purified water The filter element of the device is activated carbon, PP cotton or ceramic filter. The filtration precision is between 0.1~1 micron and the water output is large, but it is not recommended to drink directly.

Second, choose the right brand
Choosing the right brand is very important, but not the imported brand is the best. It depends on water quality. The water quality in China is complicated, and the water quality in the north and the south is different. In addition, the tap water standards in Europe and the United States are different from those in China. Therefore, some imported brands of water purification products may not be suitable for domestic water quality, so domestic products can also be considered.
Third, choose the right style
When choosing, pay attention to the convenience of use, the size of the installation space and the decorative nature. The kitchen type is generally installed in the kitchen cabinet, under the sink; while the tabletop can be placed in the countertop or in the living room, which can provide normal temperature water and hot water. The practical function and beautiful appearance make it “go down the kitchen.” Entered the hall.”

Fourth, the water volume selection
Generally, the reverse osmosis pure water machine can be divided into a barrel type and a barrel type according to the water storage mode. There is a bucket type pure water machine with about 0.15 liters of water per minute, but it is equipped with a 3.2 gallon (about 9.7 liters) water storage bucket, enough for daily drinking in a 3 or 4 family.
Fifth, choose the right purchase channel
In recent years, more and more consumers like online shopping, and the flagship store and specialty store of the water purifier brand are also very hot. Then, consumers should enjoy the convenience brought by online shopping water purification products, and they should choose the brand flagship store or authorized store or shopping platform directly purchased by the manufacturer, and the product quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed.

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