How to create aldehyde-free life, how to remove formaldehyde air purifier indoors

How to create aldehyde-free life, how to remove formaldehyde air purifier indoors

The progress of the times has brought about major changes in the way of life. The country town has become a high-rise building, and the simple outdoor sports have become indoor gymnasiums and gymnasiums. Contemporary people spend more than 90% indoors. How do you guarantee indoor air quality? In the years before the smog was seriously jeopardized, people’s perception of PM2.5 gradually became clear, and they tried their best to reduce the harm to the body and hide inside the closed door.

Is the air quality at home good? In fact, the indoor air pollution level is not weaker than the outdoor, and there are data showing that indoor air quality is unqualified as high as 74%. The main source of pollution is formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Less than 5% of the air quality is qualified within one year of renovation, and less than half of them are qualified within three years. The house that has been renovated for 3 years is the research object, and it is carried out at 16°C-38°C, and the base number is 6482 households, and the unqualified rate reaches 74%. In addition, the office is the hardest-hit area, and most businesses will start working after the renovation. In such a bad environment, employees will be the biggest victims.

The transparency of the media allows us to see more news, free formaldehyde in the room, and every tragic case gives us an alarm. Except for aldehydes, don’t be lucky.
Some common “experience” misunderstandings in addition to aldehydes
1. The sense of smell has nothing to do with harmful other concentrations. It is very risky to stay when you smell it.
The individual’s personal sense of smell is different. Many harmful others are colorless and odorless. It is unscientific to judge indoor air quality by simply smelling. To determine the indoor air quality, this requires professional equipment to assist.
2, the window ventilation is not a once and for all
The release cycle of formaldehyde is as long as 3-15 years. In the first three years, it is a dense divergence period. Even if it is effectively ventilated to release formaldehyde before occupancy, the pollutants will be slowly released according to the characteristics of formaldehyde. If it stays in such an environment for a long time, it will also increase the risk of cancer. The presence of formaldehyde is divided into three types: free, adsorbed, and combined. Only the free form of formaldehyde can be eliminated at a 4 times wind speed.

3. Green plants are not very useful for removing aldehydes.
It is more difficult for them to purify the indoor air by green plants. Green plants are only an auxiliary means for indoor environmental management. When indoor air pollution is mild, plants can also contribute a force; when indoor air pollution is serious, plants can not only help but will be smoked by harmful gases.

4, vinegar, air freshener, water, tea to formaldehyde is a cover
Some consumers will use vinegar, air fresheners, and grapefruit peels to remove odors from new homes. Experts say that vinegar is an acidic substance that reacts with ammonia in the air, but it is not good for adsorbing formaldehyde. The use of air fresheners will only cover the ears and use a scent to cover up another odor without any adsorption or decomposition.

5, an air purifier can effectively adsorb and decompose formaldehyde
Air purifiers have been well received by consumers in recent years, not only to resist particulate matter but also to purify pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.

The air purifier is a kind of household environmental protection electric appliance that has accumulated a variety of aldehyde removal methods. The activated carbon filter mesh has been upgraded and modified, and the activated carbon particles are used to adsorb formaldehyde molecules and are not suitable for saturation. At the same time, HEPA filter dust removal, high-efficiency catalytic decomposition enzyme purification technology, and other methods are adopted, and indoor formaldehyde molecules are adsorbed reasonably and effectively.

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