How to keep this ‘clean land’ of indoor air?

How to keep this ‘clean land’ of indoor air?

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Experts pointed out that six measures should be taken to prevent indoor pollution: frequent ventilation and ventilation, selection of environmentally friendly decorative materials, clean indoor hygiene, rational use of air purification equipment, indoor smoking ban, cooking hood.

In recent years, the sales of air purifiers are hot, the brands are numerous, and the quality is uneven. How to choose a suitable empty net product has become a difficult problem. It is understood that the newly revised ‘Air Purifier’ national standard, which was implemented in March 2016, clearly defines the basic technical indicators of air purifiers and the signs of air purifier products. Among them, the basic technical indicators of the air purifier are ‘clean air volume’ and ‘cumulative purification amount’, which is the ‘purification ability’ and ‘sustainability of purification capability’ of the air purifier product.

According to experts, the amount of clean air refers to the volume of air that can be purified by the air purifier per unit time; the cumulative amount of purification refers to how much the air purifier can purify.

So, how long should the air purifier be open? It is recommended that the smog can be turned to the maximum speed for half an hour to one hour to ensure that the home air is rapidly purified, and then can be adjusted to the low speed gear.

The filter of the air purifier has a long life, especially the filter type air purifier should replace the filter screen in time; if the filter screen is not replaced in time, the filtered air is not clean, causing secondary pollution of the air.

Many people think that there is no need to open the window to ventilate the air purifier at home. In fact, the window ventilation helps to increase the oxygen content in the room. If the window ventilation and purifier are used together, it will be more helpful to establish a good environment in the room.

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