How to use the air purifier correctly? How long is it suitable for each day?

In the air-conditioned rooms in the summer, we often feel that the air is cloudy and occasionally feels chest tightness and dizziness. This is because the contaminants in the confined space are increasing, and the oxygen is gradually consumed by the human body, so the above conditions occur. Adding to the organic pollutants volatilized by interior decoration materials and furniture, bacteria floating in the air aggravate this situation.

The health of the family is threatened by the quality of the polluted air, and the function of the air purifier to clean the air is a good solution to this problem. How long does it take to keep the indoor air at a healthy level?

First, the living scene

Newly renovated houses should be opened as much as possible before the check-in. Because formaldehyde is a continuous release of decorative pollutants, the newly-renovated houses are released in large quantities, and the release of formaldehyde slowly decreases over time. After the check-in, if you can’t open the window, you should rely on the air purifier. At this time, the use of time should be extended appropriately, at least 4 hours per day. If there is an obvious smell in the room, it is recommended to open for more than 8 hours.

Second, the local environment

Because of the different geographical environments, the sources of pollution are different, and the air pollutant content varies from place to place. If the ambient air quality is excellent or good, you can choose to use it one hour before going to bed. But the most important thing about sleep is quietness, and mature products such as Senchen and Philips are doing very well in this respect. When adjusting to the small windshield, they only hear their breathing sounds quiet, and suggest that the machine should be placed away. The farther bed position reduces the risk of radiation.

Third, the weather conditions and space size

If the air quality of the day is not very good, depending on the size of the space, the living space is generally 4-8 hours. If space is large, it is delayed. On the other day, the concentration of pollutants will be higher in the morning and evening. It is recommended that air purifiers should also be used during these two periods.

In the rainy days, the dust in the rain and the suspended matter in the air will also drop. The air quality at this time is relatively good. However, in the “fine rain” weather, when you need to close the doors and windows, you should also use an air purifier to remove bacteria from the room.

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