I heard that Beijing has built the world’s largest air purifier to reduce the effects of smog.

I heard that Beijing has built the world’s largest air purifier to reduce the effects of smog.

This smog area basically covers the entire North China Plain area such as Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan. From the satellite cloud map, the anti-satellite monitoring effect is quite remarkable.

Minutes to feel the smog of the seat can prevent the prediction of laser weapons to come true!

When Zhang Aunt, who lives in Beijing, was doing morning exercises, she saw such a scene.

Guess what Beijing is.

Poor friends may have to worry that although smog can effectively prevent US satellite surveillance, it can also cause breathing difficulties and symptoms of physical discomfort.

This, of course, must be considered.

Just a month ago, Beijing built one of the world’s largest best air purifiers to remove smoke.

The name is “The Cave of Innocent”, and it is quite painful to think about this face.

The 7-meter-high air purifier to remove smoke tower uses ozone-free technology to purify 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour and capture and collect at least 75% of PM 2.5 particles in the air.

So speaking, the difference may not have any concept.

Xiao Er image, this purifier is like a balloon. As long as the surface of the balloon is rubbed by hand, it will generate static electricity on the surface, thus adsorbing small particle pollutants in the air.

The amount of smog particles absorbed in one hour is about one spoonful of salt.

What special eggs do you use?

Designers from the Netherlands say the smog particles absorbed are of great use. The carbon particles are extracted therefrom and can be processed into a “haze ring” by high pressure.

In China, the ring for sending a sister will not be slap in the face.

Telling the truth, manpower and material resources to engage in such an image project, Xiao Er feels that it is better to find a piece of cloth to cover the site to come true.

This week, Xiao Er recommended several practical good products for the poor friends who were troubled by smog. The black market surprises the price.

Black market good goods electric fresh air anti-mite removal formaldehyde mask
Have never had the pleasure from the care of the dust heroes

Buying a mask may be a very tangled problem for everyone. The many shortcomings of traditional masks often make people feel a lot of pain.

Today, the product recommended by the second child to the difference is the electric armor mask from the dust hero. It can be said that it is the perfect solution to the pain points of the above traditional mask.

Living in a smoggy city, the most concerned about the difference is the tampering resistance of the mask.

Put this mask and professional measuring instrument in the sealed space, open the power of the mask, you can see the PM2.5 value in a few seconds!

Speed ​​up 2x, the half-minute display dropped from 89 to 1

After the mask is taken out, the tester is exposed to the air, and the result is this.

The index is soaring (the side shows that the meter is quite sensitive)

In addition to the strong performance of the cockroach, this is inseparable from the 3M filter material of the mask.

The filter has 5 layers. The first two layers are derived from natural plant fibers, crystalline activated carbon fired from Southeast Asian coconut shells, and the latter two layers are HEPA medical-grade filter cartridges and professionally sterilized PP cotton. Layers filter hair, dust, formaldehyde, PM2.5, free pathogens.

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