In the summer, do we need an air purifier?

In the summer, do we need an air purifier?

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When it comes to summer, the image that people often have in their hearts is a clear sky or a fresh and cool shower, but rarely sees the occurrence of fog. So in many cases we simply judge from our senses that the air purifier seems to be dispensable in the summer. So in the summer, do we need an air purifier? The answer is yes!

First of all, the air purifier is not just for preventing smog

In the summer, smog is rare, even if it is not as polluted as winter, so most consumers will not turn on the air purifier. In fact, although the severity of haze in summer is much lower than in winter, other types of indoor pollutants are much higher than in winter. It is understood that the release of indoor pollution such as formaldehyde is greatly affected by temperature, especially in summer, which will accelerate their release. Because the air purifier is not only used to combat PM2.5 pollution, it also has a variety of effects such as removal of VOC (volatile organic compounds), removal of pathogenic bacteria and allergens.

Secondly, the air purifier can effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases.

When summer arrives, it is inevitable to close the doors and windows to open the air conditioner, but some people will suffer from “air conditioning disease” when they have been air-conditioned for a long time. It is understood that air conditioners use water when they work, and water can form a series of pollutants such as aerosols with some granular materials. Since the doors and windows need to be closed when the air conditioner is turned on, the pollutants can only be circulated indoors, and the air quality is inevitable. If an air purifier is used in combination, fine particles, volatile organic compounds and bacteria in the air can be removed, thereby effectively preventing air-conditioning diseases.

Finally, the negative ion air purifier can purify the air and health care

The negative ion air purifier can generate small-sized, high-activity ecological-grade negative ions equivalent to nature. The ecological grade negative ion is a small particle size negative ion with small particle size, which has the characteristics of high activity and long natural diffusion distance. It releases the small particle size particles in the air by releasing small particle size negative oxygen ions and performs agglomeration and sedimentation to achieve the effect of air purification.

Through the above analysis, we also need air purifiers in the summer to create a good environment for the families we live in. Therefore, in the summer when the haze is not serious, we should not only turn off the air purifier, but keep it in a normally open state.

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