Interpretation of conscience, bottled water and water purifier!

Interpretation of conscience, bottled water, and water purifier!

With the improvement of living standards, tap water is always not safe to use. More and more citizens are demanding higher drinking water quality. In the end, it is better to buy bottled water, or is it suitable for buyers to use water purifiers? Water purifiers are flying. Advertisements quickly covered the lives of consumers. When people bought home water purifiers, they added a lot of confusion: the same function, the price difference is several times, which is safer than bottled water? More credible?

Interpretation: Water purifiers have been available for more than 20 years, and there is no national standard yet.

Household water purifiers have no standard, quality is difficult to be certified. It is more likely to cause secondary pollution and heavy metals than water dispensers. Although our national household water purifiers have been produced for more than 20 years, there have been no mandatory norms. Only the national standards for “reverse osmosis water purifiers” and “ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers” have a plan, and they are still in the “drafting stage”, and there is no plan to complete the time.

China has a vast territory, complex water quality, and risks from the external environment at all times. The household water purifier is a standard production, and it is impossible for the “advanced” to be changed in the same way!

Experts said that because household water purifiers do not have a unified national standard, unlike the traditional home appliance market, the household water purifier production process is simple, 3, 5 people, accessories can be bought to produce. Therefore, most of them are workshop-style enterprises, and there are mixed markets in the market; at present, there are only more than 1,000 water purifier enterprises holding relevant approvals from the Ministry of Health in China, but there are more than 2,000 water-free enterprises in the workshops in Zhejiang. Gaining market share and arbitrarily lowering market prices have led to some products whose quality is not enough to flow into the market, disrupting market order and infringing consumer rights.

Most household water purifiers promote their “powerful”. In order to compete for the market, dealers of direct drinking water processors often use improper methods in forums and advertisements to smash tap water, bottled water and natural (mine) spring water. Some claim to be able to turn tap water into ionized water, active water, mineral water, pure water, and tap water purified by household water purifiers to have beauty, lower blood sugar, improve high blood fat, lower blood pressure, etc. The effect… The false propaganda of the water purifiers on the roadside, such as the “tap water heavy metal experiment”, is even enough to defraud consumers.

For example, some companies promote the use of high-tech filter membranes. Actually, consumers are not aware of it and cannot be certified. The water purification effect depends on the quality of the filter membrane. First, the pores are not small enough, and the second is insufficient enough. If it is small enough. It is not uniform, there are big and small, some heavy metals can still penetrate, and the water quality purified is not exactly the indicator.

Interpretation: Water purifier without after-sales service is a “health killer”

At present, the household water purifier market is mixed, and the after-sales service is not perfect. In this case, the household water purifier is used, which is prone to secondary pollution and heavy metal exceeding the standard. Domestic and even imported water purifiers often use quality and high profits for several years. , after-sales, materials, heavy metals and other issues.

The water purifier is in use, not timely after the sale and easily leads to secondary pollution of heavy metals exceeding the standard. After all, the water consumption of a household is limited. Most of the time, the faucet is tightened. If a household water purifier is installed, the water becomes dead water inside, and the impurities accumulated in the tap water are very likely to cause bacteria and viruses to cause pollution. Moreover, the water in the household water purifier is mostly static. The water molecules are closely linked and are not easily absorbed by the human body. Of course, the user can clean or replace the filter element in time, but since there is no professional testing equipment when there is only 100 When the cup is qualified, you may drink 105 cups, it is difficult to grasp the opportunity.

Maybe it’s because of “unacceptable water and soil”! Even the imported regular brand water purifiers have frequently caused security problems in recent years. On June 11, 2011, the Ministry of Health announced that 11 models including 8M (full name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company), Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Liyang and other well-known foreign brands have a total of 11 models of water purifiers. Health safety sampling inspections have problems such as excessive arsenic, the excessive total number of colonies, and an unqualified removal rate of organic matter.

The regular barrel and bottled water manufacturers have millions of or even tens of millions of water-making equipment and a perfect quality management system. The national standards include technical requirements, inspection rules, and signs, and packaging for barrels, bottled water sources and products; Transportation, storage and even site selection and production layout have detailed regulations. There are more than one hundred water quality inspection projects, and the water source protection range is from 15m to several kilometers. The production conditions and equipment must be certified by the national department, and the PC empty barrels must be QS certified. The quality of the produced drinking water is no longer safer than those of the mini-type symbolic filtration and even the water purifier without wastewater.

The quality of the product in the barrel (bottle) is from the country to the locality. There is a market sampling test almost every month. As long as the consumer buys the products of the regular manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed.

And who cares about the quality of the water treated by the household water purifier?

Interpretation: improper use of water purifier is a “consumption black hole”

Want to save money, let’s calculate the economy! In addition to drinking water, the public wants to save some money. “It is cheaper than buying bottled water” is their unanimous idea. Is this really true?

At present, the domestic regular brand water purifier is only one-third, and many users have reported that after installing the brand-name water purifier, the merchant often reminds the phone to replace the filter element, and some even receive it once in half a month. If the merchant claims not to change the filter element, In tap water, toxic substances such as nitrite are produced. Water purifiers frequently require consumers to obtain long-term high profits in exchange for filter elements. In fact, the cost of a filter element is only two yuan to several yuan, generally charging consumers tens to hundreds of dollars. Some even have a few thousand dollars. Some consumers reluctantly said that in order to drink the water, they had to fall into the bottomless hole. And these businesses are earning a hand to go, the quality of the water purifier itself is also difficult to guarantee.

Some consumers, after using the water purifier for several months, found that the water fee in the home surged. The reason was that the water purifier was a ghost. Because the filter element was not replaced in time, the water purifier was in a basically blocked state, producing water. The rate is extremely low. At the most serious time, there are as many as 3 to 5 tons of tap water flowing into the sewer every day.

No wonder some people say: improper use of household water purifiers is a consumer black hole!

Under the strict requirements and supervision of the national standard for bottled drinking water, the quality and price of bottled water have been relatively stable for more than 20 years. The water source protection and the water filling technology of the bottled water are constantly improving and optimizing. Relatively speaking, choosing to drink the regular brand of bottled water is more in line with the current needs of healthy drinking water.

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