Is it necessary to buy a home for the air purifier?

Is it necessary to buy a home for the air purifier?

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The air purifier is now almost in need, and at least one of the households will have at least one, mainly to remove formaldehyde and improve the air structure.

Household purifiers, mainly indoor air circulation purification, have a greater effect on the prevention of particulate matter pollution, and also have an effective effect on formaldehyde. Furthermore, it is to filter hair, cotton wool, etc. in the air, especially for pets in the home. Some purifiers also have the function of releasing negative ions, which have certain functions of sterilization and disinfection; some can be humidified, suitable for autumn and winter; and there are also aromatherapy… additional functions are also various.

It is recommended that the air purifier be prepared. If you don’t use it, the indoor air quality will definitely be bad in the foggy days. It is harmful to the human body. Whether it is a new house or an old house, there will be some pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene. If it is not cleaned and filtered, Harmful to the human body. Especially for new houses, it is recommended to have an air purifier. By continuously ventilating, diluting, discharging and purifying indoor air, it is a long-lasting effective aldehyde removal method.

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