Is the air purifier really useful?

Is the air purifier really useful?

It depends on how you want to use it.

This year, it is outdated to discuss whether this gadget is useful or not.

Because of the large number of tests used and so on, the results are listed.

It is sure to filter PM2.5 or above as long as it is a reliable and reliable product.

However, in fact, most people do not care. Because I can’t see it, I can’t feel it.

There is no direct subjective feeling, so some people do not agree.

IM about the same. But I feel that I need to use it from another angle.

People with poor air quality generally have no feelings, and most of them taste bad, and the smog can’t smell.

Usually, I am closing the window, dusty, especially in the winter.

Despite this, less than three days after the sanitation, the dust has already piled up.

It turned out that I forgot to open the purifier. Hurry and open. It’s like this after taking a photo one week later.

These large volumes of dust that can be observed directly are in the air you breathe.

After I opened the purifier, was the same dust a lot less?

That is, there is something to help me vacuum, I can suck a lot less, for this is an affirmation.

Looking at the filter element for a few months, a lot of such dust has been adsorbed on the surface.

The smaller PM2.5 that can’t be seen, and so on, the same.

It’s just that you can’t see it, there is no such intuitive feeling, but you can imagine it.

So just let the air in the room filter and let the dust suck a little. This is done.

After cleaning the filter element, clean the other one at the same time and clean it thoroughly.

Just disassemble it, clean all the positions inside, and then install it, the new one.

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