Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier useful?

As people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, everyone is beginning to pay attention to the quality of air. However, there are still many people who are worried about whether the air purifier is useful when purchasing an air purifier, but few people ask whether the air conditioner or the refrigerator is useful. The reason is that the refrigerator’s refrigerating function, the air conditioning’s temperature adjustment function, our touch can be sensitively identified. The air can’t be seen or touched, the effect of the air purifier is not easy to perceive.

The first time I bought an air purifier, I was more or less suspicious before I bought it. Is this thing really purifying the air?
The new decoration of the house said: The new house has just been renovated. Although the door and window are ventilated, there is still formaldehyde. I heard that there is an air purifier specially designed to remove formaldehyde. Is it really useful?

Bao Ma said: Outside is foggy, afraid to take the baby out, but also afraid to open the window, can stay in the airless room for a long time, so many bacteria, the baby always has a fever, I heard that the air purifier can Is it really useful to remove mites and sterilizes?

The housewives said: Every time I cook, I have a range hood, but the evil smoke still burns me into a “yellowface”. I heard that the air purifier can remove smoke and dust, does it really work?

However, when you ask if the air purifier is useless, many households have already started using air purifiers, and they have become a must-have for many families. Even after many households have used air purifiers, the number of colds of the baby has decreased; after the new house is equipped with an air purifier, the green plants are longer and lusher. Although the current air is difficult to perceive that the air is difficult to perceive, let the dirty air become more and more sloppy, or ignore the purification performance of the air purifier. It is necessary to know that the human body has to breathe more than 20,000 times a day, and air quality is a key factor affecting the health of the body. One.

I hope that everyone can pay attention to the issue of air quality, because the damage caused by air pollution to the human body is chronic and invisible, so it will have a great impact on everyone’s physical and mental health in the long run. Although we can’t completely improve this problem, it can help you and your family to improve the quality of the air through air purifiers, using air purifiers, and fresh life from now on.

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