Is there any use for home RF beauty equipment?

Is there any use for home RF beauty equipment?

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In recent years, the wind of household RF beauty equipment has been blown up, and many small partners around have entered the pit.

If you are in a hurry, don’t pull to the end of the text, here we will tell you the answer: useful.

Short-term effect: Collagen can be instantly contracted by heating, resulting in a subtle firming effect.

Long-term effects: It can improve skin aging problems such as wrinkles and sagging by promoting collagen regeneration.

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Radio frequency (RF) is a kind of high-frequency AC-changing electromagnetic wave. It sounds like a tall technology far away from us. In fact, it has a wide range of applications in life. The most typical electromagnetic wave is a microwave oven, just use The frequency of radio frequency use on skin care is different from microwave ovens.

So how does RF work?

In fact, there are certain similarities with microwave ovens. We all know that microwave ovens heat food by heating water. RF beauty technology also uses this principle to cause a series of changes in the skin by shaking the water molecules in the skin, rubbing heat, and heating the skin.

When the collagen in the skin is heated to a temperature of about 60 degrees, the helical structure of the collagen fibers changes, and immediate contraction occurs. This is the reason why the skin immediately produces a firming and lifting effect after radiofrequency treatment. If you are second The day needs to be a bridesmaid, or take a show of Wei Mi, that is what we want to achieve, but this effect is temporary.

Another role is to activate fibroblasts in the skin, synthesize more collagen, and make the collagen arrangement more orderly and tighter, thus reducing wrinkles and improving skin relaxation, but it takes a long time to accumulate. Obvious effects can only be seen in weeks or even months, but this effect is relatively long lasting.

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