It has the function of an air purifier, but its essence is still ventilation!

It has the function of an air purifier, but its essence is still ventilation!

The harm of smog has been deeply imprinted in people’s minds. It has a great impact on people’s lives and concepts. It makes people pay more attention to the quality of air and realizes the importance of air health. This also makes the fresh air system a best seller. Many people think that the fresh air system is born of smog. As the country increases its efforts to control air pollution, the smog seems to be less dangerous this year, but here I want to say a new style. The system is not born of smog, its essence is to ventilate the room!
The history of the fresh air system dates back to the 1970s. It was not originally called the fresh air system, but the ventilation fan. After five generations, it gradually evolved into a fresh air system that combines air purification and ventilation. The foreign fresh air system does not have the function of resisting smog. After being introduced into the country, it has gradually become the best ‘anti-smashing weapon’ after the domestic fresh air manufacturers combine the domestic environment. At this time, the country is suffering from severe smog weather, which is also the “new wind”. The system is the direct cause of smog. People’s understanding of the fresh air system is still in its infancy, and it always ignores its real role. In fact, whether it is a region with a severe haze or a region with slight or no fog. It all needs it.
Why do you say that? In modern life, ventilation and ventilation are not daily routines. In summer, the outdoor temperature is high. Coupled with the opening of household air conditioners, opening the windows will increase the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Air conditioning closes the door and window, which is inevitable, and long-term non-ventilation and ventilation can easily lead to the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases, which is extremely unfavorable to the elderly and children. Also in the winter, it is also necessary to consider the problem of energy consumption of the heater. Of course, opening the window will also let the cold and icy wind blowing in the air, making the room cold and not conducive to people’s lives. If the home is equipped with a fresh air system, it can not only keep the room clean and fresh but also continuously replenish the room with oxygen-rich fresh air to avoid air pollution and carbon dioxide. The Corotito fresh air system can also be based on indoor carbon dioxide concentration. Adjust the fan speed to achieve energy savings.
In most cities in China, urban construction is in full swing. Coupled with the increasing number of cars, it will inevitably be disturbed by noise, dust and car noise. It is better to open windows in the city than to open windows, and in the home where we live now, The formaldehyde and benzene emitted by the decoration materials, the carbon dioxide and odor emitted by human beings, and the kitchen fumes all infringe on our health.
This is how the fresh air purifier came into being. It not only purifies the air but also ventilates the air. When the outdoor air temperature is low in winter, it can turn on the auxiliary heat device and release it to the appropriate temperature in the room to improve the comfort of the air. It is worth mentioning that the heat exchange rate of the Corotito fresh air system is as high as 84%. With the concept of comfortable home gradually accepted by the public, good air is indispensable as the foundation of a comfortable home. In the future, the fresh air system will become the standard of architecture!

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